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Destiny 2 is coming for PC!

I didn't realize you played the lottery.
Very very rarely. I had an extra dollar yesterday in the change ...

Well ...

Good luck! :D
Thanks ... I'll let you know if/when I am leaving on vacation
So I finally had a chance to play Destiny today...erm...to *watch* a friend of mine playing Destiny on the PS4. Unfortunately the Destiny 2 beta has expired so I had to settle for the original. I came away from it extremely impressed. It looks like they have combined the best elements of Call of Duty and Diablo, and have turned it into a grown up version of Zelda. It looked like there are a ton of missions and also a great deal of replay value. I can see people playing this game for hours on end. It looks to be well worth the full price of admission if the sequel is as good. My friend said that the graphics in Destiny 2 looked way better to him, and I was already impressed with the graphics of the original game on the PS4. It's hard to believe that console can produce such nice visuals. It goes to show what good optimization can do. I'm looking forward to this game on the PC! The beta should be happening soon hopefully.
Destiny 2 open beta will be August 29-31:
Oh yes.
Destiny 2 is getting HDR and SLI support: http://www.tomshardware.com/news/destiny...35279.html
Thanks. I'm looking forward to this game. I can't seem to get my beta key working though, I think Amazon sent me a PS4 key by mistake. :(
25 minutes of Destiny 2 gameplay:

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