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VR Discussion Thread
Nice Oculus Rift VR bundle on Amazon for $600 includes 7 games, the Touch controllers, and $100 Oculus store credit (to buy more games)

I expect prices will continue to drop until the new Rift is released - then they will blow it out.
Quote:Intel Corp. will sponsor the Olympics through 2024 in the company’s latest bid to show off its technology through high-profile sports events.

The chipmaker said it will partner with the International Olympic Committee to bring Intel’s technology, such as virtual reality, 360-degree video, artificial intelligence and drones, to enhance the Olympic Games. ...

The first Olympic Games involving the Intel sponsorship will be in Pyeongchang, South Korea, in 2018 when Intel will provide real-time virtual reality viewing of the Winter Olympic Games.

Intel joins a crowded stable of Olympic sponsors from the tech world. Samsung Electronics Co., based in South Korea, is the official wireless device partner of the IOC, while Panasonic Corp., based in 2020 host Japan, is the official television and video partner. Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. and General Electric Co. also provide tech services to the IOC. ...
Earlier this month, Intel announced a three-year deal with Major League Baseball to use its True VR technology to broadcast live games and highlights. During select games, fans have the option of choosing between four different VR angles, plus access to stats, player data and out-of-town scores, in a marriage of the broadcast and the second screen. That MLB deal was the latest in recent push from Intel to put its tech directly into the hands -- and eyes -- of sports fans across the country.

Last fall, the company purchased virtual reality startup Voke Inc. Intel has a VR deal with the National Collegiate Athletic Association and Turner Broadcasting System Inc. to produce March Madness games, and is a replay partner of both the National Football League and National Basketball Association. Intel’s 360 Replay technology, in which sports replays can be shown from different angles, was used earlier this year in Fox’s Super Bowl coverage.
In other PC gaming and VR news ...
I don't care very much for Nex Machina (It's a retro shooter like the arcade game Robotron 2084 from 1982). It's OK for some reflex shooting when you feel the need, but I'd prefer not to benchmark it or review it.

OtOH, I finished Robinson: The Journey and it's the best VR game I have played yet. I'd give it a '9' except for the fact that it seems designed for Touch, but they stuck us with the gamepad which leads to some frustration interacting with the environment. There are good puzzles and your pet is needed to solve some of them.

The story is more solid than any Crytek game I have played and the settings are perfect for VR. There are good graphics options. I used 2.0 Pixel Density to take the following desktop screenshots.

The jungle featuring your T-Rex baby pet:
[Image: Robinson-2017-06-22-09-20-12-22.jpg]

You have to climb also - and it's just like The Climb with better graphics:
[Image: Robinson-2017-06-22-09-22-40-61.jpg]

Some big critters (and you have to face off with a big T-Rex in the conclusion):
[Image: Robinson-2017-06-22-09-34-44-76.jpg]

Recommended! I'll post a review featuring Robinson: The Journey performance and FCAT VR early next week and will probably also include The Unspoken and possibly Obduction for Part 3.
It's nice to see more quality VR games coming onto the market. It's also good to hear that Crytek is still alive and making games. I thought I heard they had gone broke.
I'd love to see a sequel to Robinson using the touch controllers. It's be easy considering the world is created and the story just needs to be continued.

It's the first time I really got totally immersed in a VR game because everything just came together in places and I even skipped lunch to finish it. I had no issues with locomotion and could play for hours and never felt any discomfort (except hungry). The visuals are totally stunning - whether walking through a cave, or else climbing up into massive trees in a jungle or even higher onto a huge wrecked interstellar ship. The other thing that is just too cool, is that you are surrounded by dinosaurs and prehistoric life - dozens of varied creatures scurrying about (that you can map the genetic code of) continually.

It was also frustrating hiding from the raptors - you literally hide behind things and try not to make any noise and if you get eaten you have to replay from the checkpoint.
Oculus Rift – Robinson: The Journey, Obduction & The Unspoken – AMD vs. NVIDIA Performance


I am adding audio to the video - it's up without audio for now.

Please LMK if you find any typos.

Next up ... Spider Man Homecoming VR ... Star Trek Bridge Crew (it got a huge nearly 4GB patch today; they probably patched in voice commands) ... Battlezone ... Landfall ... and Raw Data (still in Early Access).

Will I ever get back to benching PC games?

(yes .. soon ... when RX Vega arrives, for sure)
I am playing Landfall in VR.

It's a semi-top down 3rd person twin-stick tactical shooter with minor elements of strategy (but not RTS). It's OK but not really my kind of game (but it has exceptional visuals which makes it a prime candidate for benching very shortly - I'll review it next week). But what absolutely impressed me was the intro to the game and the reminder of why I like VR so much.

You start out solo flying as the camera over water into the sunrise and islands start to appear as you get closer. Then you are seeing birds and eventually airplanes are flying alongside of you. Soon missiles are coming toward you and whizzing right past while trailing flame and smoke. You pass over land, between cliffs and buildings, and there are explosions and debris - and you are in the MIDDLE of it. You can look up, down, left, right and behind you - in any direction. There is absolute freedom to spin around and see everything happening at once.

There is absolutely nothing to compare with this experience in any PC game where you are looking into a window at best. The graphics on the PC are far better, but I would say VR at this point is "good enough" for intense immersion. Once the HMD gets lighter, wireless with a wider FoV, and the resolution improves, I'd say that PC graphics will start to look pretty antiquated. VR is the future of gaming .... the question is when everything can come together at a reasonable price for mass acceptance.

I feel like such a traitor to PC gaming with this lengthy detour into VR, but I am playing some pretty exceptional VR games now and the immersion level is higher than with PC games even though the quality of the VR games are generally lower than the best PC games. However, the timing is OK since (except for Ryzen), it's pretty quiet with video cards and reviews. Even AAA PC gaming releases have slowed down.

I am really looking forward to the Shadows of Mordor PC game in September - that will break me away from VR
Amazon has quite the deal on the Oculus Rift right now:


$600USD but it includes the touch controllers, 7 games, and $100 credit on the Oculus store. Looks great to me. It made it to the front page of SlickDeals.

It's great to see Oculus discounting the hardware and offering deals like this. They will probably sell quite a few Rifts at this price.
It's been running for over a week.

And there is a sale right now on Vive games and HW
Quote: With every HTC VIVE purchase, discounted to $749.99 for the Summer Sale, all new Vive customers will also receive a $50 Steam gift card that can be redeemed and used immediately for the Summer Sale. The discount and bundled gift card are available through Vive.com (with free shipping!) and run for the duration of the Steam Summer Sale, starting 10 a.m. PT on June 22 and running through 10 a.m. PT on July 5.
In addition to the Steam gift card, all customers will continue to receive bundled copies of Star Trek: Bridge Crew, Richie’s Plank Experience, Everest VR, and one free month of Viveport Subscription.
And to further build out your VR picnic basket, Vive Studios titles will also be marked down by as much as 75%:
Good times for VR gamers ... I have got all but one of the VR games that I wanted on Sale.
Interesting. The Oculus Rift is significantly cheaper and also comes with a much better promotion. I know which one I would chose. At $600 with all those freebies it's a very good deal. I'm surprised HTC didn't try to match the deal.
(07-03-2017, 08:47 PM)SickBeast Wrote: Interesting.  The Oculus Rift is significantly cheaper and also comes with a much better promotion.  I know which one I would chose.  At $600 with all those freebies it's a very good deal.  I'm surprised HTC didn't try to match the deal.

The Rift has better controllers
(hands down, haha)

However, the Vive is coming out with new controllers this year.

IF you want to play VR mostly sitting or standing (facing forward 180 degrees) - then the Rift is better since most games were designed for it that way from the beginning. If you wish to play "roomscale" and move about the play area, then the Vive is a better choice.

As to the HMDs, the Rift's is more comfortable, lighter and doesn't get as hot as the Vive's (although the Vive might be better for glasses wearers).
---Everything else is similar, with the Vive having more games but the Rift may have better 'exclusives' (arguably). You can even play Rift games on the Vive and vice versa (although it may not be perfect).

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