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Beats Solo 2 wireless mini review
So today I managed to snag a pair of Beats Solo 2 wireless bluetooth headphones for only $80CAD.  I get a discount through my work and I was able to stack a $25 off $100 coupon.  I read some reviews before I bought them and most of them said they sound pretty good, but they are overpriced.  Well, at $80 instead of $300, I figured I had solved that problem so I went ahead and bought a pair.  I got the space grey color.  I had a *whale* of a time tracking down stock locally where I live.  I had to call multiple stores before I could track a pair down.  Anyhow, I managed to finally find a pair which was great.

The packaging on them is really nice and well done.  They came with a small carrying pouch and an auxilliary cable to use them hard wired.  I tried them wired out of the box because the battery was completely dead.  They sounded great right away!  No EQ or adjustments needed.  Bass was deep and clean, and the treble was well defined and very nice.  The midrange was a bit subdued compared to the rest of the sound, but overall I was very pleased considering how much I paid.  That being said, had I paid the full $300+ MSRP I would not have been happy and I would have expected more.

Next I plugged them in to charge and made a trip to Costco.  By the time I got home they were fully charged so I paired them up.  They paired successfully to my LG G5 phone on the first try which was great.  I tried them out and they pretty much sound just as good to me using bluetooth compared to hard wired.  This is very impressive.  I'm not an audiophile by any means but they sound really good to me.

In terms of design and comfort, the headphones are nice and they do have a premium feel despite their heavy use of plastic as a material.  They are quite comfortable even while wearing glasses.  They have a tight fit but it's still comfortable even after over two full hours of listening.

I'm very pleased with this purchase so far!  It seems as though they are clearing this model out because the Solo 3 model has just been released.  These will sound identical to the Solo 3s and are a great deal on clearance if you guys can find them!

I give them 8/10 overall simply because they sound great but they could sound even better.
Personally, I'd never buy Beats.  

Not unless I go deaf ...
Big Grin

If you want audiophile, pick Grado (but it doesn't have heavy bass in the entry-level models).  For gaming, the HyperX Cloud (original) is good enough (but not so awesome for music).

All headphones are a compromise unless you spend a fortune for them and get a dedicated amp.  I'd say for what you paid, they are decent .. as long as they are comfortable, they provide enough boom-boom, tink-tink
Grados do sound better. However the beats are wireless, more comfortable, more portable, and they are closed so they don't leak much sound. Grados would drive my family nuts. And Grados don't sound better enough to compensate for all of the advantages of the beats. They are the best headphones I have owned. I have owned Bose headphones and I have spent a lot of time listening to Grados. The beats won't satisfy an audiophile or a purist but they are more than good enough for casual listening and they do sound great IMO.
Agreed. I live alone and Grados are perfect for my music listening tastes. And my last set lasted me for over a decade. When I game, I use speakers or the Cloud.

Beats are ridiculously expensive - like Bose. But good enough when they can be had on a discount.

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