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Vega Due In 2017
(04-25-2017, 03:04 PM)apoppin Wrote: What happened to "Prey running on Vega"?  That's May 5, I believe.

We'll find out. :wait:

My guess is we will see some sort of demo to hype the card. I would be shocked to see it come out. There have been no leaks. AMD launches are usually like Swiss cheese. Tons of leaks. I'm sure we will see the spin doctors and their hype for at least a month before Vega launches. Then we will find out the real truth when it finally comes out.

The one real clue we have about Vega is that the Xbox Scorpio is confirmed to use it, and it has 6 teraflops of GPU power. That's about as powerful as a GTX 1070. So if they clock the thing high enough, perhaps it will match a GTX 1080. Maybe you guys know more about how the power envelope of a console relates to a full blown PC card. Our one precedent right now is the original PS4 GPU versus a Radeon 7850. They are pretty comparable actually. I don't think the PC version is all that much faster at all. Perhaps Vega will shake down similarly. In that case it would be a huge disappointment for the PC market. Not bad for the Scorpio console, though.

This is pure speculation. However the GTX 1080 is around 25% faster than a stock GTX 1070. And realistically, can AMD clock the full PC version of Vega 25% higher than the integrated console version? We'll find out, I suppose.

*edit* I just checked. A full blown Radeon 7850 has 1.75 teraflops wheras a PS4 has 1.84 teraflops. However the Radeon 7850 had a lot of overclocking headroom. For comparision sake, a Radeon 7870 has 2.56 teraflops of GPU power. 2.56/1.84=39%. So potentially the full blown PC version of Vega will have 39% overclocking headroom compared to the Scorpio. Which would give it 8.34 teraflops. A GTX 1080 Ti has 11.3 teraflops. A GTX 1080 has 8.9 teraflops. So based on my rough math, Vega won't even be able to quite match a GTX 1080.

This is my prediction, by the way. We will see if I'm right! :)
Here's a new rumor about Vega:


I'm not sure what to make of it. We need to see the 4k scores. 1080p is pretty pointless for a card like that.
I know what to make of it ... it's going to cost $750 and I need to order it the instant it is released
- no matter how it performs
(04-29-2017, 09:51 PM)apoppin Wrote: I know what to make of it ... it's going to cost $750 and I need to order it the instant it is released
- no matter how it performs

You could be right. It looks like it's going to be in extremely limited supply. If true, that sounds very bad for AMD. It looks like they're releasing this card just for the sake of releasing it. The real reason behind Vega is the Xbox Scorpio.
If Vega costs $750 it will be faster than a Titan XP.
Packaging for Vega/Quake Champions bundle possibly sighted: https://www.techpowerup.com/232885/amds-...-champions
Quote:In the leadup to the launch of a new graphics chip from one of the two big vendors, rumors swirl like storm clouds above Kansas in the spring. Right now, AMD's upcoming RX Vega is the unreleased chip the rumor-mongers can't stop talking about. Today's dose of Vega rumors pertains to an entry in FutureMark's benchmark database that's believed to have come from a system with an AMD Ryzen 7 1800X and some type of Vega card. The system in question scored 5950 points overall, with a graphics tally of 5721 and a CPU score of 7699. Grab the salt jug for this one.

The graphics score of 5721 puts the tested chip roughly in line with Nvidia's GeForce GTX 1070, though we have to warn people about concluding that a single unconfirmed benchmark from an unknown source with early drivers is representative of the final product. Our editor-in-chief Jeff Kampman is also suspicious of the low score, given that he spent time with an actual Vega system during CES.
It's just going from bad to worse. I really hope for AMD's sake that these are the Vega 11 AKA "Little Vega" scores. If this is Big Vega AMD is screwed.
(05-02-2017, 01:26 AM)SickBeast Wrote: It's just going from bad to worse.  I really hope for AMD's sake that these are the Vega 11 AKA "Little Vega" scores.  If this is Big Vega AMD is screwed.

It's unlikely to be big Vega. Otherwise, it's no real improvement over the Fury X.
Big Vega will be delayed , this is small Vega.
When released expect small Vega to be a little quicker than this.

Yes , big Vega will be delayed, this is what my sources are telling me.
You should hear about the delay soon.

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