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Battlefront Contest thread
Yes, this game is a very sad example of how developers are starting to respond to piracy. They are getting rid of the single player campaigns and they are making the games online only. It's sad. I'm just going to try to focus on enjoying the game though. It looks quite impressive.
fixed, fixed fixed ,,,,,,,,,na just kidding.

congrats sickbeast
Thanks! :)
(03-29-2016, 01:07 AM)happy medium Wrote: fixed, fixed fixed ,,,,,,,,,na just kidding.

congrats sickbeast
I had our web master Mario run the random program. He even sent me an image of the results.

I am planning a series of these AAA giveaways. This was just the beginning. We will have another contest in April.

If you/anyone have/has any suggestions for a simple contest, I will be glad to consider it. Eventually, I hope to acquire sponsorship to make the prizes bigger and better.

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