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What's happening at BTR 3 .. and report issues here
That's great! I wonder when it's going to stop climbing at such a high rate.
Never, I hope


Well, I am paying $9.99 a month for their service. I think it is called Pay2Win
Still on the way UP!

Quote:Rank in United States - 353,269

That SEO integration by Mario (and Pay2Win by me on Alexa) is working
(12-15-2015, 03:35 PM)apoppin Wrote: Still on the way UP!

Quote:Rank in United States - 353,269

That SEO integration by Mario (and Pay2Win by me on Alexa) is working

Wow! It keeps going up like crazy! Where it stops nobody knows! Congratulations!
It looks like the traffic has stabilized now.
That's great. Now I need to think of something to bring traffic up besides my performance evaluations ...


I may just buy a Grado headset to review as I need a new pair of cans anyway. SR-60e is the bang for buck in their line up - and it is the third iteration of a classic. It is also brand new. So I might be able to give it a stand alone review and get an in to review other Grado products. But then I'd have to set up my old system (Yamaha receiver) to really test the audio. It is not necessarily perfect for gaming, however, as it gives one a music sound stage as its priority.


I think I will get a Grado - it has been my choice for bang-for-buck audiophile purity for music listening and it sets a standard at $80 most imports cannot dream of for 3x the price. It does lack in the low bass and in the extreme highs as a compromise. But it is perfect for jazz and for any kind of music requiring accuracy over 95% of the useful audio spectrum.
Well, I got 10% off and free shipping so I ordered the Grado SR-60e cans.
$71.10 shipped with 10% off coupon available on the site. It's about ten dollars more than I paid for my original SR60s in y2k. And I jumped on it as Grados are almost never discounted (SR60e's are almost universally priced at $79.99 and more)

The phones are a slightly newer iteration of SR60e which replaced the original series that I had. There are no reviews of it yet(!)

Not yet

[Image: sr60e_alt.jpg]
Very retro looking ... and I hope the sound is as good as my original Grado SR60s
I got really good service from Headphones.com. Not only is it the only etailer offering a discount on the new Grado lineup, they offer free shipping which is fast. I ordered yesterday and they shipped it out today and tracking indicates that it will be here before Christmas.

It's my present to myself. I have wanted another pair of Grados since mine started acting up, and ultimately failed earlier this year (just after testing the HyperX Cloud). IMO, Grado makes the best bang for buck "audiophile" (yes, legitimately audiophile) **music** reproducing headphones available (and the SR60 is - or was outstanding - as entry level cans)

I am still working on my Performance Analysis featuring JC3, RS: Siege, and DiRT Rally. ... expect it at the weekend as I will try to expand the section on the 3 newest game benchmarks.
Perfect timing. I will add the very latest Catalyst 15.12 beta results to this performance evaluation for Fury X and 290X. Then after publishing the GeForce evaluation this weekend, I'll update the Radeon results for the 3 new games. Mid week I'll publish a new Radeon driver performance analysis.


Then Grado arrives Tuesday or Wednesday, and I'll have a proper headphone review up; and I'll have an audio standard for cans.
I'll skip CES this year. My health is still not good for traveling. However, Andy will be there

And I finally signed up for a free trial of Amazon Prime. I guess I order enough stuff from them and I wanted some things before Christmas

I did not realize that you get a bunch of coupons, free TV shows, movies, and music with Prime
-not bad
(12-17-2015, 03:16 AM)SickBeast Wrote: It looks like the traffic has stabilized now.

Nope.  Still going up

Rank in United States - 343,662



Dave refused to do this for ABT.  I am not such a cheapskate since advertisers still use Alexa and one needs to spend money to make more money. That is how a successful business operates.  We are moving BTR to a BlueHost cloud-based (faster/dedicated) host shortly

Here's what not playing along with the system gets you:

Quote:Global Rank  -  2,831,280
Down 1,512,892

Of course, doing absolutely nothing for a site has much more of an impact on a site's ranking than just signing up for Alexa.

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