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3 New Games on SHIELD and GeForce Now for Halloween!
Oh man. Are you ok? Were you saying it was your hip? What happened?
Something else.   My hip and knee are ongoing and that is the reason that I am retired with Social Security Disability.  My blood pressure has come back to normal since I went on a health kick.

But this time, my health diet went too far and I added extra fiber that my body couldn't handle and I ended up with a bowel obstruction.  I have been off solid food and only on raw juices for 3 weeks.  Doctor's orders.  I was pretty sick for a couple of weeks.


I'd like to know the X-Ray results so I can possibly return to eating again. I dream about food.
I'm sorry to hear you have been having such a hard time. Good luck with the results!
Thanks. I am feeling much better but I need confirmation that I am really OK and can return slowly to eating.

Once I am back to my normal, then I can get back to (really) work on BTR. I have felt so bad even playing games haven't interested me.

And I am finally finishing up my Driver performance analysis. Weeks late
Nvidia sent me a "short survey" about GeForce Now. It was anything but short and was the most detailed survey I have ever seen. But it looks like it was partially written by AI.


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