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*Incoming* New Mystery HW *Incoming*
At least that is what the shipping label claims.

So .. the GALAX GTX 970 EXOC evaluation won't be next (although a short driver performance evaluation may still go up Friday).

What could pre-empt an important review like the EXOC?  

My lips are sealed.
R9 380X? Hey, I want to see it with that amazing shroud.
An amazing shroud like this, or were you thinking of something different?
[Image: jesus006.jpg]

It's gotta be the GTX 960. If it's a 300-series amd card I will eat my hat.
[Image: 28200d1231185450-wind-powered-sail-less-...my-hat.jpg]
Absolutely. I will eat my winter toque. I don't think amd is ready yet with their new cards. I fully expect this to be a gtx 960.
Another surprise. I got a notice of a shipping label being created .. somewhere.
--- it's a HW shipment and by the secrecy surrounding it, it's probably under NDA

Of course, it may be nothing ...
No, no, it can't be.. AMD shipping you their R9 390X?? Nah, unless you really sweet-talked the new female CEO into her wildest dreams....
Ok with science that the big bang theory requires that fundamental scientific laws do not exist for the first few minutes, but not ok for the creator to defy these laws...  Rolleyes
Well, first of all, it is under NDA

Secondly, I am changing ALL of my plans to feature the Witcher 3 as my next evaluation in favor of this one

Same plans for last year and next year.

I'm not flying to Taiwan :P

And if you believe your source, this is what the wccftech "analyst" says
Quote:Initial rumors put the launch date by May 26th but if this new report is true than it could extend to the early weeks of June. Something I have pointed out before is, that the launch date of the GTX 980 Ti is an ephemeral matter. No matter how authentic the report is, it cannot be relied on for the simple reason that Nvidia does not need to launch GTX 980 Ti until AMD goes ahead with its next gen lineup – and even then when it feels like it.  It can simply postpone or change the road map in anyway that it so wants.
Do you think Nvidia pays attention to what AMD is doing any more than Intel does?

I think Nvidia and Intel are on their own schedules.  They do not hold up launches for AMD.  If they did, we would still be on Ivy Bridge and Kepler :P

AMD's advocates exaggerate their company's importance (now).  But it is almost irrelevant.  If AMD had a good quantity of 300 series do you think they would wait for anything?  They are obviously having issues getting them out.  If Nvidia waited on them, they would simply be wasting time and losing money.

No one waits for AMD launches any more.  No one that is sane or is not an Advocate.  Gamers buy what is best for them at the time they are looking to upgrade.  Many new AAA games have come out that are requiring upgrades and gamers are buying NOW. And Nvidia has been encouraging the upgrade with two AAA games. AMD has already missed the boat for 300 series to have any major effect on anything.  

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