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Folding@home is fighting the Coronavirus

The project now has far more power than the world's most powerful supercomputer. I got my machine set up for it last night. I overclocked my CPU back up to 5ghz and it was stable folding overnight so I'm going to try to get it back to 5.1ghz today. I'm pretty sure I had it stable at that speed before. I've got my GTX 1080 Ti throttled to 70% power to get it running at the optimal performance per watt and save me a bit on electricity. It will be cool if this project helps lead to a successful vaccine!
I think it's great and it may help. However, even the most optimistic researchers believe that a useful vaccine will take an absolute minimum of a year to develop and many more months to make it widely available - assuming the virus doesn't mutate.

Researchers should develop more anti-viral drugs instead since it can be done a lot quicker while we search for a universal vaccine. We have so few anti-virals because Big Pharma is driven by greed and profit. Yes, Bernie is 100% right. Our healthcare system is broken worldwide.

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