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Ampere Taped Out? (Ampere thread)
I think that sort of SSD is pretty much a waste of money and you can see why with that M$ directstorage blog. If the OS is imposing a limit of 50K (or whatever the figure was) chunks at a time to be read or written it doesn't really matter how fast the drive is, the IO overheads and the tiny transfer size mean you'll never see a meaningful difference outside of large file transfers where it can sustain some of its speed. It is something the OS has to fix hence the new directstorage model.

I'm a little bit short-sighted myself actually, but my left eye is weaker than the right, so I don't often not wear my specs (which correct my vision very nicely).
SSD tech is improving. I am just looking to the future. I am not that kind of early adopter (rich :P )

This is interesting:

[Image: puffrjad7wk51.jpg?width=960&crop=smart&a...cf7ca5106a]

And a new Doom Eternal RTX 3080 4K Gameplay


News is coming fast .. new details about DLSS 2.1:

Quote:According to NVIDIA, DLSS 2.1 brings a new ultra performance mode for 8K gaming. NVIDIA claims that DLSS 2.1 will deliver 8K gaming on GeForce RTX 3090 with a new 9x scaling option. And, as you may have guessed, Wolfenstein: Youngblood was one of the games that were showcased running on the RTX3090.

Furthermore, DLSS 2.1 will bring VR support. As such, developers can now finally use DLSS tech in their VR games, something that was not possible with the previous versions of DLSS.
Someone should dig up the pascal era slide that showed first showed ampere performance relative to previous generations and see if today lives up to the slide. I think the slide was created before Turing became a thing, had Volta on there but not Turing, but not 100% certain on that.

If DLSS 2.1 is all about 8K gaming without needing an 8K monitor or monster graphics card then I'm all for that.
DLSS 2.1 sure looks like it's about 8K gaming on 4K display :)

IMO DLSS is a game changer for the entire gaming industry - even beyond ray tracing ...

And DLSS 2.1 is utterly fantastic news for VR. This will give the entire VR gaming industry a HUGE boost. I am betting that we will see VR RTX tech also although it hasn't been revealed yet. Couple DLSS 2.1 with eye tracking/VRS tech, and even moderately powerful PCs will be able to render incredibly detailed VR worlds.
New FrameView D/L with new features:

And it looks like there is a new Reviewer toolkit:
The NVIDIA 2020 Editor’s Tech Day – Ampere Detailed


Well, not really "detailed" .. but more detailed

You know - the usual - wait for the launch review.
Perhaps you can find awesome deals on RTX 2080 Ti soon:


I am not sure I believe it
Yeah, not really. Maybe $100 or so off of the more expensive 2080 Ti's. There is a 2080 super for about 300 cheaper than what I paid (though it wasn't that price when I bought - MSI was the cheapest other than Galax (which wasn't in stock) so I went with the MSI).




In any case, if I was to purchase another card, it would definitely be Ampere based, not Turing based.

I did place an order for another Seasonic PSU (but not quite as highend as my 850W Platinum prime)
https://www.pccasegear.com/products/50986 (I was going to go with https://www.pccasegear.com/products/4181...wer-supply but its out of stock won't let me add to cart, so moved up ever so slightly)

and next pay day I'll be ordering a cheap but decent case - DeepCool Tesseract
Plus an extra 2gb hdd and I'll transplant the 4790K into that plus the new PSU and the old GTX1080.

I always get a shock when I see your HW prices.

I think the reddit poster was talking about a used 2080 Ti from eBay - but I think he probably paid a lot more and posted just to irritate Ti owners. I don't believe his story.

You got a nice PSU. I don't think platinum is a requirement for stable power delivery.

And it's going to be awhile for RTX 3080 to get to Australia and be in good supply. According to Kokatu, the Founders Editions won't be available, although there is nothing official about it.

The 3000 series is not listed on the GeForce.au site, although 2000 series is:

Have you got your case front panel yet? You mentioned that it may be delivered today.

I am heading to bed. It's been a very long day and I am working sick. I am totally gluten sensitive - probably heading for Celiac disease - and I accidentally ingested wheat
Platinum isn't a strict requirement, but its definitely a nice to have, don't want PSU's wasting more power than they need to and the old ThermalTake PSU's I own are well past their use by date now anyway - they were bought before I bought SandyBridge and the 970's!

No front panel yet, am at the tender mercies of Australia Post for when it actually lands compared to when it should land.

I don't eat anything with wheat in it anymore. My carbs come strictly from my frozen veggies and the corn flakes I (sparingly) have for breakfast - I use plain brand low sugar version, not the kellogs almost pure sugar versions.

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