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Ampere Taped Out? (Ampere thread)
I am not surprised whatsoever, and I agree with you. But I think it may take longer to make 4K 'ultra budget'. That will still probably be held by 1080P and budget will be 1440P in 3-5 years. It took a long time to move enthusiasts to HD and longer to move to 4K. 4K isn't mainstream as the first really "4K/120Hz" card has just been released.

4K monitors were introduced at above $4,000, so I know that 8K prices will come down rather quickly as the panel tech is solid. I love progress and I want to see this progress for VR also.
Who knows with PC monitors? My timeline was mainly for TV's where 14xxp doesn't exist and 1080p only exists for small countertop tv's (even they are more likely to be 720p actually).

It took a ridiculous amount of time to get 40+ inch 4K monitors on the market and ones like mine have pretty much already been superceded by 120hz versions already.
I see you are talking about TVs. Yes, much more likely.

Monitors are slower to progress and demanding AAA titles on 8K probably will run with a 3090 like 4K runs on 2080 Ti ... but I'd love to get one of the new LG OLED 4K/120Hz TVs now that DisplayPort 2.1 is supported.

This is the 48" model that I want for gaming:


Yes, the right model of LG OLED is supposed to be really good if you want a tv/gaming monitor.

As for me I'll have to get at least 3 years, probably 5 out of my new Philips 4K monitor before I think about upgrading again.
(09-03-2020, 03:41 AM)gstanford Wrote: Yes, the right model of LG OLED is supposed to be really good if you want a tv/gaming monitor.

As for me I'll have to get at least 3 years, probably 5 out of my new Philips 4K monitor before I think about upgrading again.

It's endless cycle of upgrades for a tech site. I am getting interested in latency, and I am going to start comparing displays for my reviews. That's why I got a 240Hz/1440P display (and it is nice; and I am surprised the R1000 curve at 27" is great ... I didn't know if I would like it or not). And yes, 240Hz makes a noticeable difference over 120Hz for twitch shooters. Another surprise for me.

I am grateful that BTR advertising income has increased - actually maybe due to the pandemic - to be able to afford all of my recent upgrades. And it looks like we run will run the ad campaign through October. Watch for new banners and a new site skin soon. I have already limited regular Google ads to 3 placements per long article - so this campaign is probably good for BTR's readers also.
I'm still not fond of curved monitors, although I will concede that a curved ultrawide does make sense on a racing simulator rig (maybe a flight sim rig too, but I find flight sims horribly boring and won't be getting FS 2020).

Have you tried gaming on a curved display? For me - after playing awhile, I just don't notice the curve and gaming seems just a bit more natural.

I am not getting FS 2020 - because it is MS and secondly, flight sims are a huge PitA to benchmark. I may buy the game only if MS supports VR properly for it.


And now that Oculus is going to be fully integrated with Facebook, I will never cover another Oculus-anything ever again. F*book is evil.
I haven't tried gaming on one, no, but I sit back a fair way from a display anyway, I don't bury my face in displays (I don't get why people like to do that!) and seeing the curve would just annoy me.

I have used a curved monitor for desktop tasks and it's horrible for reading (which I do tons of) and horrendous for spreadsheet work.
I see where we differ. I sit extremely close to my display (because I am a near-sighted person and I like to game without my glasses), and I don't even see the curve - a 27" screen nearly fills my entire view
(I wear glasses with my larger displays and sit a bit further back - but still close; a habit, I guess - the same way I read.)

But I haven't tried it for productivity ... I bought it only for gaming.
Here's the reason to have PCIe4 now:

Quote:Sabrent's Rocket 4 Plus is rated to deliver the same 7,000MB/s read speed ... with 6,850MB/s writes. The difference is mostly academic for gaming, but if you're copying large files or doing something like heavy-duty video editing, the difference in write performance becomes more meaningful.

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