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Ampere Taped Out? (Ampere thread)
Good review testing the power efficiency of the 3080 vs the 2080 ti at the same power draw:

Ripped from Reddit:

Computer Base tested the RTX 3080 series at 270 watt, the same power consumption as the RTX 2080 Ti. The 15.6% reduction from 320 watt to 270 watt resulted in a 4.2% performance loss.

GPU Performance (FPS)
GeForce RTX 3080 @ 320 W 100.0%
GeForce RTX 3080 @ 270 W 95.8%
GeForce RTX 2080 Ti @ 270 W 76.5%

At the same power level as the RTX 2080 Ti, the RTX 3080 is renders 25% more frames per watt (and thus also 25% more fps). At 320 watt, the gain in efficiency is reduced to only 10%.

Quote:NVIDIA is also preparing a 20GB model of the GeForce RTX 3080 graphics card. It has been speculated for weeks now and we had no problems confirming this information with multiple sources. The internal roadmaps clearly state PG132 SKU 20 board design (RTX 3080 20GB) but the launch date has not yet been set.....

Yesterday NVIDIA released 8nm Ampere (GA102) whitepaper where the RTX 3080 model is listed as ‘GeForce RTX 3080 10GB’. Nowhere else in the document NVIDIA lists memory configuration with SKU name, clearly indicating that there are more versions coming.

You may wish to wait until after the new 6000 Radeons launch. At that time, we may well see 16GB Super 3070s and 20GB 3080s ;)

AIB 3080s ,,, just a few reviews:


MLID has lost all credibility in my eyes now.

There is almost no performance difference between the FE and a decent AIB. And the pricing is normal. They are all low supply but the AMD PR that MLID posts is pure BS hate and nonsense.

I want to be VERY clear here - when I say "AMD PR" - I do NOT mean "from AMD" and NOT from Edelman.

There is a huge difference. AMD doesn't do this any longer since Dr. Lisa Su cleaned up their marketing and fired many of them. But 'friends of AMD' - generally employed by AIBs who are worried about their bonuses - pass this kind of anti-Nvidia $h!t along to flog sites who quote "anonymous sources" and "industry insiders".

Hexus got it right:
Quote:Bottom line: the Asus GeForce RTX 3080 TUF Gaming OC is a Founders Edition-beating card without the usual overly steep price premium.

THOUSANDS of cards are expected by EVGA
[Image: 581ra6gjb5o51.png]

This not Intel's Paper Launch of the i9
[Image: njhnohdij5o51.png]

Although the stock is expected every few days, the demand is INSANE:

[Image: zotac-pre-amaz.jpg]

In case your German is not proficient - Zotac alone got 20,000 pre-orders on Amazon. Intel didn't get anything like this kind of demand for their underwhelming flagship
The 20,000 figure from Zotac is more like it. Thousands of cards coming in for an e-tailer the size of Newegg is absolutely laughable. Needs to be 10's of thousands at least. More proof nvidia did a paper launch.
Did you overlook the multiple EVGA posts where "thousands of cards are coming next week"?
Once again, thousands is a pitiful amount for a company the size of EVGA, imo.
(09-20-2020, 03:04 AM)gstanford Wrote: Once again, thousands is a pitiful amount for a company the size of EVGA, imo.

That's just next week. According to Jacob, they are supposed to be resupplied "every few days".
It is still very much paper launch territory though for a new product that Jensen is desperate for all of the Pascal clingers to upgrade to (kind of hard to do that if you can't actually purchase the damn thing).


https://www.scorptec.com.au/product/grap...rds/nvidia (enter "3080" into refine box)
OK .. now we are moving into "PL territory" from a pure PL.

I can accept that

And check out my Crysis update - the built in bench is broken. I can use it OK now with a custom timedemo run. Good thing I remember 12 years ago trying to bench it back then

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