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Elon Musk smokes pot as Tesla shares plunge
(10-06-2018, 02:05 AM)apoppin Wrote:
(10-06-2018, 02:02 AM)SickBeast Wrote: Mario made the point that both Elon Musk and Steve Jobs are/were insane geniuses.  Musk tweeted stupid things.  Steve Jobs made poor health decisions.  Actually I will also point out that there was a time when Steve Jobs exclusively ate apples.  No other foods.  He clearly had a screw loose.

Actually he didn't:
Quote:I think it takes a certain amount on "insanity" to have these people be who they are.

This can apply to anyone who is rich and famous - or to anyone at all.  It is said the difference between being called insane and being called eccentric is dependent on the amount of money a person has.

And Musk is still tweeting stupid things.  Maybe he just needs a close friend who should tell him to StFU and stop damaging himself and his company.
You would think that the $40 million he just paid would send him a much more powerful message than any friend telling him anything.

That could well speak to the problem, though. Does he have friends? I do wonder what's going on in his private life. It seems like girlfriend after girlfriend. He could be a party animal from the look of things. That lifestyle is dangerous. His comments about using Ambien are pretty telling. I think he needs some help.
(10-06-2018, 02:21 AM)ZeroEnigma Wrote: Cancer is cancer. A single bad cell can destroy an entire body in weeks. But again, in his case only 5% of people with that specific cancer who GOT the surgery and yes sir chemo or whatever treatment plan is needed right away do NOT die. This is a proven statistic and not a CAM treatment with unproven worth. ;)

Elon Musk is a brilliant person just like Steve who has done pretty insane things with Space X and other ventures that most could never do. He is being an idiot lately that needs to STFU I agree. (met the thread requirement haha.)

In Job's case - he went about it the wrong way and regretted it later. Everyone has to consider their treatment options available - but he shut off surgery and did not consider it until it was way too late.

In Musk's case - it is entirely different. He is butting his head into a stone wall and damaging himself.

Quote:You would think that the $40 million he just paid would send him a much more powerful message than any friend telling him anything.

That could well speak to the problem, though. Does he have friends? I do wonder what's going on in his private life. It seems like girlfriend after girlfriend. He could be a party animal from the look of things. That lifestyle is dangerous. His comments about using Ambien are pretty telling. I think he needs some help.

I have no idea. He is clearly angry .. and stubborn. Stubborn or determined is good. Unrestrained anger is not - for anyone. Anger clouds one's ability to think clearly ... and he is obviously not thinking clearly.

Musk is a nerd that became rich and aimed for a beautiful actress who dumped him. Smoking cannabis is not such a bad thing and it is comparable to drinking to relax .. but to do it publicly as head of a major company is stupid in these times. Ambien is more dangerous.

This sums it up for me:


Quote:The Tesla and SpaceX CEO has often taken to Twitter — sometimes late at night — to air grievances, make puzzling statements like suggesting Tesla will sell "thigh high socks with pockets for lipliner & cards," and even to make unexpected company announcements (like his recent proclamation that he had "funding secured" to take Tesla private).

In a Thursday New York Times interview, Musk opened up about his struggles over the past year, including his problems sleeping.

"It is often a choice of no sleep or Ambien," Musk told The Times. Musk's use of Ambien — as well as other recreational drugs — has reportedly worried Tesla's board, according to The New York Times. The board reportedly believes Musk's reliance on Ambien could be contributing to his late-night Twitter use.

Doctors warn that it's not a good idea to take Ambien if you are sleeping for less than 7 to 8 hours.

In The Times interview, Musk said he has recently been pulling 120-hour work weeks, meaning his work days are a minimum of 17 hours, seven days a week. Based on his own estimate, that leaves only seven hours per day when he's not working — so he's probably getting less than seven hours of sleep at night.

While Ambien can be a useful tool for people who can't sleep, it has both physical and cognitive side effects. According to the American Addiction Center, Ambien use can lead to memory loss, depression, disorientation, and, less frequently, suicidal thoughts or feelings.

It may also lead heavy users to lose their "pleasure in daily life," according to the Addiction Center.

Ambien can also be linked to erratic behavior like impaired judgment and sleepwalking when taken in high doses, or when taken for nonmedical reasons, according to the Addiction Center.

Musk has admitted to tweeting on Ambien in the past. "I've learned some lessons...such as tweeting on Ambien isn't wise," he tweeted in 2016.

When someone suggested to Musk on Twitter that there's "something really special" about his late night tweets, Musk replied: "It's probably the Ambien."

Last year, Musk tweeted, "A little red wine, vintage record, some Ambien ... and magic!" Sam Altman, the president of startup accelerator Y Combinator, replied: "ambien tweeting is a dangerous game."

Wine and Ambien ... stupid ... for anyone .. it doesn't take a genius to realize it. But then he may be addicted. Sigmund Freud was addicted to cocaine at one time and he also praised it.

Quote:Flint Community Schools announced Friday they will be installing new ultraviolet water filtration systems for water fountains at all school buildings.

The UV water purification method within the water filtration systems will disinfect all lead and bacteria coming from the water pipes to allow students to drink from and fill up water bottles from school water fountains.

The major change is possible because of a $480,350 donation from Elon Musk and the Elon Musk Foundation.

Some positive news ... thanks for pointing this out, Mario!
Here is the source of the original story that I quoted

Here is another PoV that suggests that Musk hasn't got a clue ...
Quote:ON the heels of his belated effort to rescue a youth soccer team from a Thai cave with a tiny submarine, Elon Musk promised to fix another seemingly intractable problem. “Please consider this a commitment that I will fund fixing the water in any house in Flint that has water contamination above FDA levels,” Musk wrote in a tweet. “No kidding.”

You can nitpick pieces of this—the EPA, not the FDA, determines how many parts per billion of lead is safe in drinking water—or dismiss it as just another manifestation of Musk’s itinerant savior complex. But know that Flint, at least, welcomes Musk’s help. Just maybe not the version that’s on offer. . . .

Musk went on to invite residents to tweet their water quality test results to him—no takers yet, it seems—and said he would send someone over to install a water filter. When a reporter suggested that many Flint houses have safe water already, Musk pivoted to organizing “a weekend in Flint to add filters” to the remaining houses that lack them.

Flint does need help, but filters are one thing it already has plenty of; the city distributes those and water testing kits, for free, at City Hall, and will continue to until Flint’s remaining 14,000 damaged lead and galvanized water service pipes have been fully replaced. And even then, slapping a filter on a kitchen faucet doesn’t address the deep-seated problems still felt by the Flint community four years after its crisis began. . . .

It’s worth spending more time talking about those filters, not because they demonstrate Musk’s lack of familiarity with Flint’s current situation, but because they underscore the city’s deeper challenges. . . . here's what Roy calls the "big trust gap" that makes Flint activists and residents suspicious of even working filters. That's because they effectively get lead out of the water at a specific tap, but don’t clear away bacteria. ...
those who are immune compromised continue to use purified bottled water.

“We do have concerns about filter use, and maintenance, and education around the filters. Everybody is not comfortable with that. Seniors are especially not comfortable with the filters,” says Weaver, who notes that the city does have Community Outreach and Resident Education that visits homes to help remediate any filter issues that arise.

Which again should sound familiar to anyone who read Musk’s tweets. What he proposes to accomplish in a barnstorming weekend has been an available resource for years. Better, then, to focus on what Flint really needs.

So if Elon Musk—or anyone else—wants to help Flint, start with bottled water, which residents will continue to depend on until every last lead and galvanized line gets replaced. “Bottled water is really the life and death issue,” Villarreal says. ...

Scale it up again, to billionaire proportions. “We want to look at the bigger infrastructure issues in the city as well,” Weaver says. “It’s about reestablishing trust. You have to be confident in the water again.” One way to accomplish that? Get more contractors on the ground replacing service lines; get a three-year replacement plan finished by the end of 2018. And then, Weaver says, look at investment in the community. Instead of—or in addition to—giving people water, how can you help get them back to work?

Those are the types of questions Elon Musk can expect on his call with the mayor. But no matter what comes of it, even expressing interest in the first place has accomplished something invaluable: Reminding people that Flint still exists, and still needs help.

It is extremely sad that any government anywhere would poison their own people like this. This particular issue makes the Republican governor look like a troll. I hope he's happy with the money he saved. This is on his conscience. I wouldn't be able to sleep at night.
The infrastructure of the USA is crumbling. The freeways, bridges, and roads are compromised. The electricity grid is unstable. Water is bad everywhere and air pollution is getting worse. Many coastal cities will be under water or building dykes like the Netherlands to attempt keep the ocean out as storms get more severe; Miami will be an island by the end of this century yet real estate developers are building as fast as they can for the rich.

The 1950s and 1960s were the peak of the USA in every way, when a lot of money and cooperative effort went into making American great. Now it is all falling apart as we engage in stupid political bickering and we are heading for a new Cold Civil War as well as a trade war on all fronts.

The USA reminds me of the declining days of Ancient Rome .. and our own Donald Nero is playing his hateful fiddle in leading his partisans instead of getting anything meaningful done. This job growth and fake stock market growth is unsustainable. We already have the spectacles equivalent to the most bloody fights in the Colosseum delivered to our devices to appease "the mobs" which are getting more extreme and violent as each day passes, and weapons to kill hundreds are available for purchase anywhere.

Flint is just one small example of the decay happening all around us. We have NO good leadership anywhere. Just self-righteous assholes in all branches of government blaming one another instead of getting together and getting positive results for our nation. We deserve what we got so far. And if it doesn't change ... too bad. The rich cannot do anything. They are working to insulate themselves and are hoping that Musk can take them all to Mars when this planet becomes uninhabitable for humans. Technology will not save us.
I noticed this thread being read by lots of people/bots in who's online, and upon reviewing it, I have to conclude that Musk and his companies have come out just fine despite his antics (which have continued to a lesser degree since then).

Every second word out of Dmitry Rogozin's (the head of the Russian space program) mouth nowadays seems to be SpaceX... I think the Ruskies are bitterly regretting their treatment of Musk when he visited wanting to purchase a couple of their old rockets, and the recent Starship SN8 test flight has melted Rogozin's feeble little mind. Falcon 9 has pretty much single handedly destroyed the Russian non-military space program (I'd cry for them, but i'm too busy rolling on the floor pissing myself with laughter!).


Tesla's valuation has continued to rise since this thread started and they are really starting to pump the cars out now, if Tesla was damaged at all by Musk's antics, I'd love to know how.


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