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Samsung Electronics to slash OLED prod. due to lower iPhone X demand
I guess Apple's new $1000 phone sales aren't doing so well.  There is such a thing as 'overpriced' and other tech firms should probably take note

Quote:Samsung Display, the panel-making unit of Samsung Electronics, now plans to make OLED panels for 20 million or fewer iPhones at the South Chungcheong plant in the January-March quarter, significantly lower than its initial goal of supplying panels for 45 million to 50 million iPhones, the Nikkei reported.

Samsung Electronics stock fell as much as 2.3 percent in morning trade, while shares of Japanese OLED component makers, such as Hodogaya Chemical Co (4112.T) and Hirata Corp (6258.T), also declined.

Samsung Display has yet to set a production target for the April-June period, but a further cutback is possible, the Nikkei reported, without citing sources.

... Apple will halve its iPhone X production target for the first three months of the year to around 20 million units, the Nikkei reported last month, adding to growing concerns about weak sales of the $999 phone.
I'm really looking forward to the LG G7, codenamed "Judy". It will have a 6.1" display, hopefully on a body sized similarly to my G6.


And speaking of the G6, LG has confirmed it will be getting Android 8.1 and will be enterprise certified:


I love the LG phones. I paid around $270CAD for my G6 and it is a flagship phone. That's something like 1/5 of the cost of an iPhone X. I'm extremely happy with it. I love the cameras on it.

Apparently LG's cellphone division has been losing money for some time now. They appear to be somewhat distressed by this. They normally would have unveiled the G7 by now. LG has altered their strategy. I hope it works out for them. I have been happily using their phones for multiple generations now. I don't think there is a better smartphone value on the market.
Well, Samsung's S9 has been launched


Quote: . . . the most important function of a phone today was “visual communication”, and the Galaxy S9 had been designed for the visual and social generation.

It features improved cameras, an artificial intelligence-powered voice tool, and social media functions that are easier to deploy than previous offerings.

New features include an automatic super-slow motion camera setting that looks primed to show up on Instagram feeds soon, and software that turns selfies into instant emojis.

Analyst Ben Wood from CCS Insight said the S9 and larger screened S9 Plus were all about incremental gains over the S8. ...

... The two versions of the Galaxy S9 have 6.2-inch (15.8 cm) and 5.8-inch wrap-around screens, and will go on sale on March 16 in most countries.
Yeah it looks like a dud to me. It has the same design as the S8 and a higher price. I don't know who in their right mind will buy this. The camera looks phenomenal, I will give it that much. I think the G7 will be better.
Now here is a leak that claims this could be the G7 "Neo" project that LG recently scrapped in favor of "Judy":


It looks pretty cool actually. I wonder why LG decided to get rid of it.
As it turns out that leak is actually in fact the G7. I'm not sure I like it. I don't like the notch and I don't like the bottom bezel. If they were going to copy the iPhone X they could at least get it right. The iPhone X does not have a bottom bezel.
Are you getting one?
(03-02-2018, 01:16 AM)apoppin Wrote: Are you getting one?
Not this year. LG skipped their usual release schedule. Typically they release their new model phones in January. This year they moved it to June. So it's going to push back my plans by at least six months. What has been happening here every year is that the flagship LG phones sell for $200-300 every Black Friday and Boxing Day, without fail. I'm guessing this year I will be able to get one for around $500 but that's outside of my budget.

Just based on what I've seen so far I like the G6 design better. I'm not a fan of the notch. We'll see though, it could turn out great. I'm sure the cameras are better, and the processor will be a lot faster. Things like that can encourage me to upgrade, at the right price. That's the nice thing about getting a flagship phone every year. It leaves you in a good position to watch for deals. I'm not exactly itching to upgrade with my G6, I'm extremely happy with it.

If I do get one it looks like it will be in spring 2019.

However there will probably be an amazing deal before then that I will jump on and abandon LG. We'll see. I have been using LG phones since the G3. I like their hardware.
It looks to me like smartphones are less interesting than before. The changes are more incremental than previously.

(03-02-2018, 02:07 AM)apoppin Wrote: It looks to me like smartphones are less interesting than before.  The changes are more incremental than previously.

Kind of. The thing is they are improving *everything* with each new model, so you're essentially getting a bunch of small upgrades all rolled into one. Also, smartphone processor development hasn't really slowed down much, particularly when it comes to Apple. The CPUs are getting a lot better. The big thing that improved with the LG phones over time is the industrial design and the build quality. The G6 is stunning.

All of that being said, I'm a bit of a phone enthusiast. Most people would be perfectly fine to go 3+ years between upgrades. I use mine a lot so it's a cheap hobby for me in a way, not unlike PC gaming.

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