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FFXV Official Benchmark
Hmm. An RTX 2080 Ti eh?

I think the wise move for me would be to complete the game at 1080p resolution with some AA.
I finished it with a GTX 1080 Ti at 3440x1440 with maxed out settings using Gsync. Good game. But I doubt I will play the one expansion that is coming out.
Since 3/4s of FFXV's DLC has been canceled for the PC on November 7, I was looking to see if DLSS would still be implemented - yes!

This is from Nvidia - dated November 14, a week after the cancellation announcements - and it indicates that Nvidia is still working with Square Enix to implement DLSS into the full game!


Quote:As for the full version of Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition, we are working with Square Enix to integrate DLSS.

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