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General Console Gaming Thread
Quote:MSI's RT API
Typo?  Testing something for MSI currently?

I couldn't care less if RT is done via the M$ DXR api, Vulkan or in game engine so long as it works properly.  the more choices we get the less funneling of choices companies like nvidia and M$ can force upon us.

For a little while recently my internet kept going out sometime after midnight and I 'd have to try and reconnect multiple times.  Pain in the butt.

Apparently there is some big ISP server bug in Cisco doing the rounds and I guess the ISP's are trying to patch it during quiet times.

Quote:I got a RTX 3080 unboxing going up this morning.
Ah yes, Jensen's Ampere prick tease. Frankly I don't see the point of the PR games. Just let the reviewers test unless you are covering up for immature drivers or something.
Yes, typo. I am still having difficulties concentrating.

However, ray tracing is implemented - as long as the visuals are improved and the performance is decent - I am all for it. I am not stuck on one kind of implementation, but I want to see gaming advance.

I accidentally unplugged my modem. And it was the longest PitA to fix. 3 modem resets. I am going to buy a small dedicated UPS for it so a power interruption doesn't cause me a lot of pain again.

I love the early unboxings ... why? ... because I don't have to include the pics in the main review. I can just link to the unboxing and the architecture that I already covered - and get right to what everyone wants to see - performance.

I'm using a RTX 2080 Ti/Super and GTX 1080 Ti as comparison cards with the 33 games I listed earlier. And of course, I'll cover 10 ray traced games in depth. I wish I had time to include more cards, but I have to cover latency and powerdraw also. Fortunately for me, there is absolutely no point showing any Radeons; the 5700 XT isn't even in the same class with the 1080 Ti, nevermind 2080S and I don't have Radeon VII which only competed more-or-less with the original 2080.
Make sure you get a full UPS not the cheap line interactive garbage.  I made the mistake of getting those pieces of garbage - they don't cut in until the brown-out or black-out has already happened - they are basically useless and I had one hooked up to my modem just like you are considering.

Our crazy state govt exports our nice clean and green electricity to the mainland and saddles us with nasty coal fired crap from victoria - vastly inferior in quality to our locally generated electricity.  All so the conservative idiot politicians can spout their low tax, no debt dogma.

avoid crap like this:
[Image: uDvj1If.jpg]
Thanks for the tip.

I have a very nice 1325VA/850W UPS for my main PC that has never failed me yet. I paid $110 for it on a NE promo


We get what are called "rolling blackouts" when the grid gets strained. I am kinda lucky that my area is just a minor draw and it rarely gets cut off. Brownouts and surges are far more likely, and I even got a protector for my fridge's motherboard that protects it and keeps it from turning off and on too quickly.

Well, I got my morning chores done and my (suck bland) diet prepared for the day and I am going to finish up & post the unboxing while the GTX 1080 Ti benches run. Then on to the fun stuff ...
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