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What's happening at BTR 3 .. and report issues here
You might check some legal precedent for this action.  Sometimes your union may have a lawyer that may consult with you for a very low fee or no fee.

I have have to say that Steam is getting more stupid with its DRM.  I clicked on Steam and it asked if I wanted to go offline since I was not connected to the 'net.  I said yes, and it asked for a PW.  So now, I HAVE TO GO ONLINE just to start this marvelous piece of DRM in Offline mode.

Sometimes I just hate the stupidity that is Steam

Anyway, I have finished benching GTX 980 Ti/Ti SLI and am benching the GTX 980. Depending on how the download works out and the ease of finding a Fo4 benchmark, I may bench the GTX 970 also in an attempt to widen the scope of my driver performance analysis, and also try to sneak in a few fO4 benches.

Maybe. If not, I'll just bench the GTX 980, publish the evaluation, and call it a day and play the new game
IMO your observations of the game are more important than the number of cards you test (for now).
Thanks ... however, everything depends on timing.  

There will definitely be a Fallout 4 benchmark and I will try to give some comments and observations about the game.  

But whether it is in this upcoming GeForce 355.91 Driver Performance analysis (due this mid-week) or not, I cannot say (yet).  I cannot hold up the performance analysis because the driver was released last Monday for FO4 and I need to be timely.
I got all of FO4 D/Led within my free bandwidth period. Steam is somehow limited to 1.4GB/s (or so it says), but somehow it managed all 24GB in 4 hours and 58 minutes

So ... I may cut out GTX 970 and add FO4 to **this** upcoming driver analysis (Thursday!). FO4 has No Built in benchmark. Evidently I need to make it to the first settlement to do any benching.
I just started playing FO4 ... everything set to Ultra (plus) on a GTX 980.

I'm done with benching GF 358.91 (GTX 980/980Ti/GTX 980 Ti SLI) - except for Fallout 4. I will attempt to find a benchmark tonight for it and add feature it for tomorrow.
Cool. What are your first impressions of the game?
Awesome. I absolutely love the intro.

I have to hurry and find a benchmark. I think there will be a new driver tomorrow or the next day for AC: Syndicate!
Wow things are getting busy. Good luck! Sounds like you're having fun.
Yes.  I am looking for a FO4 benchmark and will check back in from time to time.

And BTR was down for a few minutes.  Server side issues; not the site.
I noticed a glitch the other day as well; the server got really slow around 5PM EST.

Overall this host has been very reliable though.

Actually the new host that Dave uses for ABT is excellent as well, perhaps even better than the one you're using for BTR. I don't think I have seen ABT go down since Dave got the new host and it's blazing fast for me.

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