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Elon Musk smokes pot as Tesla shares plunge
I noticed this thread being read by lots of people/bots in who's online, and upon reviewing it, I have to conclude that Musk and his companies have come out just fine despite his antics (which have continued to a lesser degree since then).

Every second word out of Dmitry Rogozin's (the head of the Russian space program) mouth nowadays seems to be SpaceX... I think the Ruskies are bitterly regretting their treatment of Musk when he visited wanting to purchase a couple of their old rockets, and the recent Starship SN8 test flight has melted Rogozin's feeble little mind. Falcon 9 has pretty much single handedly destroyed the Russian non-military space program (I'd cry for them, but i'm too busy rolling on the floor pissing myself with laughter!).


Tesla's valuation has continued to rise since this thread started and they are really starting to pump the cars out now, if Tesla was damaged at all by Musk's antics, I'd love to know how.


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