Civilizing the loT Wild West

 Land Rush! – It’s Time to Civilize the IoT Wild West Recently, I compared notes with Rob Enderle (Enderle Group) about the “good ol’ days” of smallish summer CES (Consumer Electronics Show) and the recent behemoth that featured everything from everyone, from everywhere. Sure, there… Read More

Wearing Targets

Always Capturing Personal Info, Wearables Are Giant Siphons I’ve been thinking about getting a fitness or activity wearable to help me “shave” a few percentage points off my BMI (body mass index). My doctor said it wasn’t bad since I’m a vegetarian, exercise five days… Read More


Tap Into The World Around You With Wearables and Visa Versa It took 14 years for color TV to have 10 percent penetration in U.S. homes. It took cellphones nine years to achieve 10 percent penetration.  It took smartphones five years to achieve 10 percent… Read More

Company DNA

Understand Who You Are, Not Just What You Make A while back, I said I wouldn’t want to be Tim Cook and take the helm of Apple. You know, all the comparisons and second guessing. I was wrong! The way the industry is going, I… Read More

Wearables … CES 2015

Wearable Tech Will Change Lots of Things but You I’m not sure what I like best about coming back from CES (Consumer Electronics Show):  trying to figure out what new insanely reat technology/products are going to be the “gotta have” stuff next Christmas or the first… Read More