Smart Toys for Tots

Toys are Getting Smarter, More Educational but Riskier “Second star to the right and straight on till morning” – “Peter Pan,” Disney, 1953 If you want to know what your kid is going to be begging you for this Christmas (yes, it’s not too early… Read More

VR Progress

The Alternate World of Virtual Reality at CES   Even though industry analysts are lukewarm on the success of VR (virtual reality), you couldn’t tell it as you navigated around many of the booths during CES with HMDs (head-mounted displays) taking you into fantastic immersive… Read More

VR Progress

Learning, Testing the Boundaries of New Content Production           There are many ways to describe VR film shooting, production. For me, it’s like open ocean scuba diving. Get down 40-60 feet and you’re immersed in a world of nothingness. All around… Read More

VR Filmmaking

The New Film, Video Experience Begins to Take Hold Industry analysts – and the media folks who interpret what they say – swear Pokemon Go is proving that AR (augmented reality) is real. Jeezz  folks, it isn’t really AR – more like an anemic subset.… Read More

Producing Dreams

Filmmakers Take Center Stage in Creating Tomorrow This year’s NAB (National Association of Broadcasting) show was healthier, more interesting and more technology driven than ever. The big (good) news for them was that ATSC 3.0 – the next generation of broadcast standard that will benefit… Read More

Her Game

It’s Time for Game Design to Follow the Players’ Lead The good news about the GDC (Game Developers Conference) is that VR (virtual reality) headsets were everywhere. Yes, I’m interested in the game play advances that are being made; but I’m more interested in seeing… Read More