Clean Slates

Devices, Social Media Make Younger Generation Worldly Faster Devices and social media that connect children and their families have become an integral part of our daily lives. Most of the time, it is valuable, not just for staying in touch but building/strengthening the relationship and… Read More

Social Media Isn’t Marketing

Market of One – Social Media Isn’t Marketing, It’s Relationships You have to love all the new, “better” approaches we have to reach our markets, position companies/products, highlight our brands and measure results. I don’t care which “tool” you’re hot for today, I just can’t help… Read More

The Best Marketing Directions

Not long ago, “The New York Times” ran a rant that social media was having a negative effect on quality journalism. When Dan Gilmore, former tech writer for the “San Jose Mercury News”, first advanced the idea of citizen journalism as the web and social… Read More

Social Media … Targeted Marketing

Social Media … Targeted Marketing Until They Turn on You The world of new media – widgets and social applications – it’s a great big beautiful marketing hunting ground. Imagine people flocking to Web 2.0 locations where they blog. They upload/download audios/videos of specific interest… Read More