VR Progress

The Alternate World of Virtual Reality at CES   Even though industry analysts are lukewarm on the success of VR (virtual reality), you couldn’t tell it as you navigated around many of the booths during CES with HMDs (head-mounted displays) taking you into fantastic immersive… Read More

Appy Time

Apps Are Cool, Convenient, Useful, Dangerous A few weeks ago, I had to visit my friendly smartphone store. I could do everything – send/receive texts, send/receive emails, access/use business and social media apps – everything but make a phone call. The person at the phone… Read More

Deadly Silence

Deadly Silence – Technology Should Be One Step Behind Personal Conversations After years of living in front of a keyboard, I’ve lost my ability to write in longhand. Well, not exactly lost the ability, just unable to decipher what I wrote an hour later It’s a… Read More

Civilizing the loT Wild West

 Land Rush! – It’s Time to Civilize the IoT Wild West Recently, I compared notes with Rob Enderle (Enderle Group) about the “good ol’ days” of smallish summer CES (Consumer Electronics Show) and the recent behemoth that featured everything from everyone, from everywhere. Sure, there… Read More

Une Bobine Review

Une Bobine (French for “a coil”) is a cable, dock, tripod, and stand in a single product. Back in 2012, The Fuse Chicken Une Bobine launched as a Kickstarter project and quickly received almost $213,000 dollars. The product’s promise of an “all-in-one” cable/dock that you… Read More