For Your Eyes Only

Privacy and Security are Personal, Very Personal If you’re uncomfortable with the idea that the social media sites you regularly visit or your apps could be sold and your “private” information could be a key part of the deal, you’re never going to get any… Read More

Soft Facts

Keep The Good Hackers to Protect Us from Bad Hackers When hackers took control of a Jeep and put it in a ditch, the media made it sound like a dangerous thing, Congress screamed and Chrysler recalled thousands of vehicles to fix the problem. When… Read More


Tap Into The World Around You With Wearables and Visa Versa It took 14 years for color TV to have 10 percent penetration in U.S. homes. It took cellphones nine years to achieve 10 percent penetration.  It took smartphones five years to achieve 10 percent… Read More

NAB – 4K Production and Delivery

Video Uprising This year’s NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) show was information packed, exciting, interesting, fun and stressful–all at the same time.  It was a reflection of an entire industry in the throws of change and honestly, it will probably take three Content Insiders to… Read More

New Rules – No Business as Usual

There’s No Business as Usual With Hackers, Cybercriminals and Cyberterrorists, The Internet of things, a cashless society and cloud-based everything are all great dreams. But we are beginning to see that the dream can quickly turn into one helluva’ nightmare. Up until the end of… Read More

The New War Zone

Cloud, BYOD, Bad Judgement Changing Business Landscape Crowd Pleaser – Tell people there’s been an accident or a train wreck and they rush to the scene to survey the damage. They will watch for hours and say under their breath, “thank gawd that’s not me.”… Read More