World of Holes

So, You’re Going to Solve the DDoS, Hacker Problem   You may have heard there was a rather big DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) in the U.S. recently. It might have even interrupted some of your video streaming, tweeting, posting.  Jeezz, sorry about that. DDoS is a… Read More

Smart Toys for Tots

Toys are Getting Smarter, More Educational but Riskier “Second star to the right and straight on till morning” – “Peter Pan,” Disney, 1953 If you want to know what your kid is going to be begging you for this Christmas (yes, it’s not too early… Read More

Too Much

IoT, IoE isn’t Coming to Benefit You, the Customer Ah, the Internet of Things (IoT)/Internet of Everything (IoE) is going to be great … maybe. Let’s see, the local utility company “allowed” me to install a smart meter and the damn thing won’t even talk… Read More

Appy Time

Apps Are Cool, Convenient, Useful, Dangerous A few weeks ago, I had to visit my friendly smartphone store. I could do everything – send/receive texts, send/receive emails, access/use business and social media apps – everything but make a phone call. The person at the phone… Read More

Your Smart Things

Your Things – It’s Important that Your Stuff Talks Only to Your Other Stuff It was with more than passing curiosity I spent a decent time in Sands Expo at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) this year. My wife had decided it was time to “refresh” our… Read More