The TITAN X vs. GTX 1070 SLI

This evaluation pitting GTX 1070 SLI performance against TITAN X performance is the fifth in our Pascal TITAN X series.  We have compared it with the GTX 1080 and found that the TITAN X was generally 20-30+% faster, depending on the resolution. We also compared the last generation… Read More

GeForce WHQL 353.62 Performance Analysis

As regularly featured by BabelTechReviews, this evaluation charts the performance of 32 games using the latest GeForce WHQL 353.62 driver that was released the day before Windows 10 was launched on July 29, versus the last Geforce WHQL 353.30 driver that was released the day before Batman: Arkham Knights was first launched on June 23. We… Read More

GTA V PC Performance & IQ evaluation

BabelTechReviews received a reviewer’s copy of Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) last week, and began playing it two days later, after downloading all 60GB and nearly 500MB in total patches. This editor has spent the good part of a week playing the main story and looking for a great place… Read More