The Shooter’s Job(s)

Filmmakers Expand Their Skill Set in New Environment   You meet the most interesting folks at film festivals – Sundance, Tribeca, Cinquest, etc. – and sometimes, a casual filmmaker introduction turns into something really special. At Sundance, for example, Cirina Catania, founder/creative director of The… Read More


Sundance Spotlights Tomorrow’s Content Developers     On any given day (excluding holidays), there are about 11.5 film festivals taking place where visual storytellers show off their best creative efforts in the hope that they will find a waiting audience and open checkbook. I get… Read More

An Interview with a VR Filmmaker

Post-Dubai VR Interview with Lewis Smithingham, president, 30ninjas Shortly after his return from the Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF), we caught up with Lewis Smithingham, president of 30ninjas at CES in Las Vegas where he was busy shooting and producing VR (virtual reality) content for… Read More

VR Progress

The Alternate World of Virtual Reality at CES   Even though industry analysts are lukewarm on the success of VR (virtual reality), you couldn’t tell it as you navigated around many of the booths during CES with HMDs (head-mounted displays) taking you into fantastic immersive… Read More

Drones Taking Flight

Consumer Drones Are Nuisances, Not Profits     At CES, a whole new flock of fly-high, fly-fast, fly-bad drones were introduced and now the category is suddenly destined to be the next monstrous consumer category. Some were so small they fit in the palm of… Read More

Keep Your Eyes to the Skies

Drones’ Good, Bad … Keep Your Eyes to the Skies as Drones Fly Out of Stores It’s estimated that 1M UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) or drones if you prefer were gifted this Christmas. All I can think of are my two favorite orators: Will Rogers –… Read More

Drones Are Taking Off

New Flight – Despite Hurdles, Drones Are Taking Off With units selling for $80 to $30,000 plus, there are a lot of drones available and a lot that fall (pun intended) between idiot toys and military armament. This year, sales are projected to be about 4.3M… Read More