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**Contest Over** ENTER 2 Win - BTR's SPRING CONTEST
apoppin, I know you are going to reveal the winner in two days, however are you considering revealing your total number of graphics cards before then? Maybe after midnight tonight or else at some point tomorrow?

[Image: the-count-pi.jpg]
Why before then?
I'm just curious.
The contest is closed. Thank-you for entering! Winners will be announced before Tuesday at 11:59 PM.

Good luck

I'll try to get a count today ... there are a lot of cards to count.
I'm quite interested to find out just how many graphics cards you have.
(04-24-2017, 06:09 PM)SickBeast Wrote: I'm quite interested to find out just how many graphics cards you have.

So am I. I'll have to take an inventory today. First, I want to get my RX 570 OC nailed down and a bit more work done on my SmartDesk review. It looks like 1370MHz is the maximum for the Red Devil RX 570 but I need to get the memory OC finished.
-- SmartDesk review should go up tonight/tomorrow and the RX 570 vs 1060-3GB will be up tomorrow/Wednesday. Then I'll be a little more caught up.
Apparently the RX 570 is a more interesting refresh compared to the 580. Higher clockspeed apparently. So that could influence how things go versus the GTX 1060 3gb card.

Have fun wrapping all that up! And good luck counting! Make sure you don't lose count! I'm sure you have quite the collection going on down there. :)

[Image: Counting-Sheep-1024x768-zoztvj.jpg]
Well, the Red Devil RX 570 (OC version) already beats the stock GTX 1060-3GB in my benches.

And the RX 570 can overclock its memory unlike the RX 470 I tested.

So ... who wins the Overclocking showdown?

I'll count tomorrow. I just feel the need to finish up at least 1 review in my efforts to catch up ...
Here's the actual count of my video cards - 71

Here are the guesses that were received by PM by ZeroEnigma:

Quote:Rustydeamon - 78 Kingston Grand Prize package
Scooby - 42 - 2nd place SW Battlefront key
Sickbeast - 40
Harleus - 32
Danpiru - 120

According to the contest rules, the winners must respond within 24 hours of the announcement – by April 26, 2017 at 7 PM PDT – or the Kingston/HyperX Grand Prize will be awarded to the runner-up and the third best guess will get the PC Game choice runner’-up prize, etc..

Please respond by posting here, or PM'ming me (or emailing me) or ZeroEnigma.

Congratulations to the winners and thank-you all for guessing/playing.
Wow! Congrats rusty daemon and Scooby! That's a lot of graphics cards!

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