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The contest is over. Your guesses will be compared to an accurate count of the video cards and the winner will be announced here before Tuesday at midnight.

Thank-you for playing and good luck to all who entered!!

To win, your mission is to guess the number of PCIe video cards in BTR's library.  Post here first and then Private Message (PM) ZeroEnigma, the contest administrator, your one and only best guess.

The Grand Prize goes to the closest guess and it is a $250 Kingston/HyperX prize package, and the runner-up prize for the second closest guess is a Origin code for Battlefront Star Wars valued at $40.  Contest ends just before midnight on April 23, 2017 and the winner will be announced 2 days later.

We have most of the cards that we got or bought for review - we never sold any and only gave about 10 to ABT/BTR staff.  Details are below or at
Quote:Spring into Spring with some great PC hardware from HyperX and Kingston  The grand prize winner will get a prize package worth well over $250 that includes Kingston’s 256GB SSD, a HyperX Cloud Stinger, a HyperX Alloy FPS mechanical gaming keyboard, and a HyperX pro gaming mouse pad.  And the runner-up will win one Star Wars Battlefront PC game key that can be activated on Origin.
[Image: prizes.jpg?resize=1024%2C799]
BTR would like to reward our community members who contribute so much to our site.  We are continuing our series of contests by offering the above-described Kingston/HyperX prize package as the Grand Prize, and the Origin PC code for Star Wars Battlefront valued at $39.99 to the Runner Up.   This contest is open to all current members of BTR’s community and also to those who sign up during the contest.   The Kingston/HyperX Grand Prize is only available to residents of North America while the Runner Up PC game prize has no unusual geographical restrictions.

All that you have to do to enter to win a Kingston/HyperX Prize package or Star Wars Battlefront is to post in our contest thread and then private message the contest administrator with your guess of the number of  (PCIe) video cards in BTR’s library.   To enter, you must do this by April 23, 2017 at 11:59 PM.  All of the respondents will be put into a drawing, and the closest guess will decide the Grand Prize winner and the runner-up.  Each contestant may make one entry which must be finalized by the time the thread is locked when the contest ends on April 23, 2017 at 11:59 PM PDT.

The winners will be picked by the accuracy of their guesses.  Whoever guesses closest to the number of PCIe graphics cards in BTR’s library will win the grand prize and who guesses the second closest will win the Star Wars Battlefront game code.  The winners will be announced on BTR’s community forum in the contest thread by 10 AM PDT on April 25, 2017.  BabelTechReviews will ship the prize package directly to the North American winner within one week, and a Origin Star Wars: Battlefront game key code will be awarded to the  runner-up within 24 hours after they respond*.

[Image: DSCN2802.jpg?resize=447%2C1024]
BTR’s lead reviewer has been posting online video card reviews since 2008. Some of the most accessed cards are kept in their own boxes.

[Image: DSCN2804.jpg]
[Image: DSCN2783.jpg?w=600]
Many of the older cards – since Radeon 500 series and GeForce 400 series – are in storage.
BTR is still a small community, and there is a very good chance that you may be a winner if you enter.  We are grateful for Kingston’s and HyperX’ sponsorship and we will work to make sure that this contest series continues.

These are exciting times to be a PC gamer!  Make sure you enter our contest and you may win a $250 Kingston/HyperX Grand Prize Package or a $40 PC code for Star Wars Battlefront.

… Happy Spring, and happy gaming!

The winner must respond within 24 hours of the announcement – by April 26, 2017 at 10 AM PDT – or the Kingston/HyperX Grand Prize will be awarded to the runner-up and the third best guess will get the PC Game choice runner’-up prize, etc..  

**Only one entry by private message to the contest administrator per BTR Community member is allowed.  Multiple entries or multiple signups will void the results. BTR’s contest judge’s decisions are final.
I'm in! Lots of time to do some research. Smile

Thanks again for organizing this apoppin! And thanks Mario for helping out!
(04-02-2017, 05:59 PM)SickBeast Wrote: I'm in!  Lots of time to do some research. Smile

Thanks again for organizing this apoppin!  And thanks Mario for helping out!

You're welcome. Good luck to you and to everyone who enters! And Mario is contributing the SW game code! He is doing more than just helping out.

Just don't forget to private message Mario (or me) before the contest ends with your best guess.**

I just looked at our rules. You need to PM Zero Enigma to be officially entered.

I think the princess is at ABT.  His name is "Rollo". Wait Nerd Oscar Dance Slash Brokenheart
I'm in. Sending PM now.
ok I'm in.....
Thanks for the contest. I unfortunately don't have the time for research so I am going for a complete guess based on one of my favourite numbers.
(04-06-2017, 11:58 PM)Scooby Wrote: Thanks for the contest. I unfortunately don't have the time for research so I am going for a complete guess based on one of my favourite numbers.

You're welcome . . . . and welcome to BTR forum! And make sure to Private Message the contest director (ZeroEnigma) with your guess please.

Your first 2-3 posts require administrator approval and after that you are free to post here.

Your guess is as good as anyone's. I am going to actually have to take an inventory to see exactly how many video cards I have.
I am new here and excited to get to know everyone. As far as researching for a more accurate guess I shall have to throw a random dart guess and say there are exactly _____ cards!
(HA, thought I was going to let you in on it didn't you Tongue!!)

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