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Winners are announced .... drum roll. ...

1. SickBeast gets the Grand Prize of the Kingston Prize Package
2. SteelCrysis get the Sonic Generations as his choice for Runner Up

Thank-you all for entering!!! And Happy New Year

You have until tomorrow evening at 9 PM to respond by email or by PM to me. The sooner the better, of course

I need SickBeast's shipping address to give to Kingston and I need SteelCrysis' Steam username so I can gift the game.

Here is what our Judge said::

Quote:I have to say #1 clearly deserves to win and enjoy the prize. First he (or she) made me look up the word egilitarian so obviously she/he is a thinking individual. More importantly the individual cares for others in the community as long as it doesn't harm anyone and he/she gets to the head of the line. How can you deny this person? The logic is flawless!

Determining the runner up is much more difficult However, after weighing the thought that went into the entries and the individual's ability to consider life around him/her and ultimately reach an impartial decision. We can all gain a greater insight into fact that we have to look at subjects objectively and impartially study all sides of the question. Then and only then can they see Steam has a rightful place in the gaming community.

If you want to comment, please use the "What's Happening" Thread

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