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What's happening at BTR *7* .. & report issues here
(11-13-2016, 03:51 AM)apoppin Wrote: Thank-you.  I will know my options next week.  The last thing I want is to have the surgeons saw off my knee joint and replace it with an artificial one.  I am hoping for more options than knee joint replacement surgery.

However, I really would like to stay in my house.  But if I am unable to take care of it, I will have to sell it.  

Have you heard of stem cell therapy for your knee?

Quote:Stem Cells
This experimental treatment uses bone marrow stem cells from the hip to help regenerate cartilage tissue in the knee. A small but growing number of doctors are turning to cutting-edge stem cell therapy as an alterative to knee replacement surgery. One study found that stem cell therapy after knee surgery helped reduce pain and repair the knee.


It sounds interesting. Hopefully there is a less invasive solution for you.
It's pretty expensive and a lot of insurance policies don't cover it.

I still have to see the orthopedic doctor this week, my regular doctor, a chiropractor and of course, my acupuncture doctor. Between the 5 of us, there might be an alternative and a way to keep me in my house.

If I went to an apartment, I probably couldn't take Max with me.

And there are alternatives ... I have a studio apartment that I could rent out ...
I hate to say it ... but after CoD SP, the SP of Titanfall 2 is kinda boring.

Small budget compared to CoD. Average writing. Bland interplay between the hero (who is beyond dull) and the Titan who is bland. The enemies have no intelligence but try to make up for it in numbers. I am not so sure why the reviewers were so kind to it.

I will explore a bit more tomorrow. I may not finish it.
Titanfall 2 is getting a little more variety (read more interesting) ... and there are a couple of LoL moments when BT informs you after getting trapped in a huge manufacturing facility, "we should take no further shortcuts".

I might finish it.

UPDATE: I will probably finish it. Now I have to flip between the past and the present to jump from one platform to another. It's kinda like a platformer

I'll bet that the multiplayer part of Titanfall 2 is really where it's at. Titanfall 1 had excellent multiplayer, I really enjoyed it.
Near the end it is getting better (and better)
Well, it was good enough to play through the entire SP campaign. I didn't realize that basically Titanfall 2 is a platformer at heart. Decent game. 7.5/10 IMO. And there are some good areas to bench,

OK. I guess my "staycation" is basically over ... after my nap. I'll get the Cloud Stinger headset evaluation up tonight
(I hope)

I finished the SP campaigns of Titanfall 2 & CoD IW, and the Vanishing of Ethan Carter (and enough of BF1 to get a bench) - all in this last week.
That's a lot of gaming. :)

Good luck getting going again.
(11-13-2016, 11:59 PM)SickBeast Wrote: That's a lot of gaming. :)

Good luck getting going again.

Yep. A LOT of gaming in a short time ....

Thanks. I'll need it.
Gaming overload. I couldn't finish the Stinger headset review last night. And this morning I went to the orthopedic doctor. It looks like I will have to have a hip joint replacement. That is evidently what is causing my knee pain.

Anyway, I'll have the Stinger evaluation up tonight or tomorrow AM ... and I am back to work.

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