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What's happening at BTR *6* .. & report issues here
Well both you and several other people keep on saying that the GTX 1060 is not a 4k card but I'm telling you as someone who owns one that it very much can do it if you turn the settings down, particularly in older and less demanding games. I am particularly impressed with GTA V in 4k. With just a few settings turned down it pretty much stays pegged at 60fps at 4k resolution.

I'm pretty sure that even a mildly overclocked GTX 1060 6gb comes within 10-20% of a stock GTX 1070. It's pretty good. It's probably a little faster than a Fury Nano and very close to the Fury X in terms of performance once you overclock it, particularly in DX11 games.
I am not saying that your card is not useful for 4K - it is! It basically matches a GTX 980 which was Nvidia's high end not that long ago and it was being recommended for 4K.

Unlike the 6GB version, the 3GB version is not useful at 4K and its limitations can be demonstrated at a lower resolution making it unnecessary to test at 4K. A Fury Nano would probably be faster but I don't have one to test.
Well the thing is, if you look at another review like what they did at Eurogamer, the difference between the 3gb and the 6gb GTX 1060 was pretty minimal. They tested at 1080p and 1440p and at the most the difference was maybe 5fps, and that was probably due to the cut down GPU, not the VRAM. I just think that testing at 4k would clearly show people that they will need the 6gb card if they want to game at 4k at all. It would be useful to clearly show people the limitations of the card. Because at the lower resolutions it seems to do fine (surprisingly).
I think I have a different PoV and I would highly recommend saving up $60 to get the extra the 6GB version offers.

If you absolutely must have a $200 card then ....

(read my conclusion when it is published)
Fair enough. :)
I'll try to have it published tonight .. certainly by tomorrow AM
Sounds good. I should be around. I'm guessing you would prefer I post it to Reddit in the morning.
Yes, please!
No problem at all, I will do it in the morning.
Thank-you. I will try to have it up by morning. I am still not feeling well and my knee is swollen again, and I may have to wait until tomorrow afternoon, after my doctor's appointment. It is taking a very long time to find the words right now and I may go to bed early to get up early.

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