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What's happening at BTR .. and report issues here
I think there are some misconceptions about BTR and ABT that need to be cleared up

First of all, ABT and BTR are now totally unrelated to each other at the wishes of the ABT owner and they have diverged completely.  

The forums are run completely differently than each other.  ABT is a place of "great freedom" where everyone is supposed to be their own moderator, while BTR is just a place to discuss tech.  BTR was intended originally to have no forum at all - discussion was to be carried out in the "comments" like many other tech sites, and BTR's emphasis is on the tech site and not the forum - unlike ABT.

As to "popularity", a tech site is not judged by its community and BTR's emphasis is on it's Tech Reviews.  Not on its news, and certainly not on rumor, nor it is forum-based as ABT is or was.

As to the "Secret Mod", it hasn't been unleashed yet and it may not be, depending on the size of the BTR community.  If it stays small, I'll handle it myself. Discussions of "personalities" aren't going to happen here, and trolling posts and potentially libelous attacks at reviewers and tech sites will not be tolerated here.  Neither will attacks on BTR nor its owner be tolerated.  Discussion never includes being rude to your host or to your guests.  "Crap" or "fluff" will just be deleted after multiple warnings.  I don't care for censorship, but some posters are intent on trolling or destroying what is built; they are just not welcome here.

If you want to discuss tech here, great.  If not, the emphasis at BTR will always be on the articles.  This is a tech site that uniquely looks at 30 games from 1080P to 4K and the benchmark suite and the hardware will always be kept up to date.  Right now, BTR is barely 3 months old and there is a lot of work yet to be done. There is already an expansion to 4K, to Win 8.1, and soon, to FCAT.

And just to let you know, the new strategy is working.  BTR's (2nd full month's) February traffic is more than double January's (1st full month's) traffic, and March is starting way up in comparison to the first two months.  BTR is a tech review site, not a forum.  It is not ABT and it will continue to diverge and grow in a different direction.  I made plenty of mistakes at ABT with their forum as I was stuck with the full responsibility of it with no help or support from my former partner, and I believe that I have learned from those mistakes which will not be repeated here.
Cool beans. It's great that the traffic is going up.
Yes. It surprised me and it is good news for future reviews continuing. I am on the right track - unlike with all the ridiculous distractions that I had to deal with at ABT including the easily offended that have no trouble lashing out themselves.

I just published the long-delayed Monoprice review and I'll have a VisionTek Wallet and DriveXpander evaluation up this week. The CF vs SLI review featuring 4K will be up before next Monday. Then off to the GTC.

I simply don't have the time to do anything but build a modern tech site. I no longer ABT's babysitter. Dave is welcome to it and all the joys that come with it. He deserves what he worked for.
I don't foresee Dave moderating the ABT forum. It looks like it's just going to become a free-for-all.
Well, don't look for me over there.  I made one post there too many already.

I am going to keep BTR forum open but I am going to concentrate on the tech site.  Considering that BTR has only two full months of traffic reporting, it is doing well ... much better than ABT did in its first three months.  I believe it took 4 months to reach 2000 visitors a month for ABT; we have already done that at BTR for February.

ABT peaked at about 100K visitors per month until my health broke last Summer, and then we had dropped down to about 20K regular monthly visitors and were clawing our way back up in December at the point when Dave let it crash and burn. ABT has continued dysfunctional for nearly 3 months and it sure doesn't look like Dave has done anything useful with it.
It will be interesting to see what Dave will do. He has been much more active on the forum.
Someone named newsgal is posting news to the main site.
(03-07-2015, 09:47 PM)SickBeast Wrote: Someone named newsgal is posting news to the main site.

Have you actually looked at - read - this "news" ?

It is a straight (and very bad with no editing) Cut and Paste from PR that is repeated over and over and is not unique to ABT.

Dave's wife, Debi, is NewsGal and I taught her how to C&P PR.  I suggested that they continue posting PR since it made the site look less dead while Dave fixed ABT.  Well, Dave never fixed it, and I never returned as a result, but at least something is still getting posted even if it looks awful.  

At this point, ABT needs a web master, an editor, and some writers. Two months ago, it only needed a web master.
We are trying to do something about the main page. I told Dave I will review hardware if I get to keep it. Same goes for you if you ever have too much hardware to review on your own.
Thanks. That used to be a "problem" at ABT. No more.

And I am not so sure that Dave knows anyone to ask for hardware. And who is going to act as the Editor over there? He can't write. :P

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