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The PowerColor Red Devil RX 470 4GB arrives!
Quote:The RX 470 arrived last week at BTR for evaluation as a 4GB Red Devil video card from PowerColor.  This review is not supposed to be of the reference 4GB RX 470 at stock 1206MHz Boost clocks, but at PowerColor 1270MHz clocks.   Unfortunately, the BIOS that came with the PowerColor Red Devil had clocks that were completely locked down at the reference RX 470 speeds and it wouldn’t overclock at all.  PowerColor finally came through with a new BIOS that was unfortunately too late for this review.  What you will see in this evaluation is a PowerColor RX 470 Red Devil running at reference RX 470 speeds, and we will have a follow up review later that will show the Red Devil’s true performance, as well as manually overclocked performance.

Needless to repeat - but I will anyway - I am rather unhappy with PowerColor's lack of support.  Their rep never even bothered to get back to me when I asked him for help on the overclocking issue.  Apparently, they give reviewers a product in a beta condition and then leave it to them to figure the damn thing out.  Sending a new BIOS the day before the launch is ridiculous IMO
So just so that I understand, is the MSRP of the reference RX470 $179? I thought it was supposed to be $149. At $179 the card makes very little sense. It performs 10% slower than an RX480 and it's 10% cheaper. It's not the value I expected it to be. I'm going to pass on it. I will look for a deal on a GPU. I'm not going to be fussy about it and I'm just going to buy whatever goes on sale at a good price. I will wait for black Friday if I have to.

Nice review as always. It's unfortunate that they did that with the clockspeed. I'm going to continue reading. So far the article looks great.
Agreed. However, at $179 to $199 there is nothing else that competes with the RX 470 and the Red Devil is a nice card.

It got a "Good Value" Award quite by default
Is it $179 because it's an aftermarket card, or is that going to be the baseline MSRP for all the RX470 cards?

Overclocking sucks as I expected. They got another +30MHz on the core. I saw the temps jump 10C when it finally accepted PowerColor's stock clocks (+66MHz over default)

(08-04-2016, 01:23 PM)SickBeast Wrote: Is it $179 because it's an aftermarket card, or is that going to be the baseline MSRP for all the RX470 cards?

It is $199 for the PowerColor Red Devil. $179 for reference.

Here's is what's available at Newegg ... as you can see the pricing goes to $240 which is ridiculous

For some reason, the PC card is priced $20 low at newegg, Probably a mistake
Yeah that's really bad. AMD has pushed these cards to their limit in a desperation move to try to eek out more performance.

Actually I wouldn't be surprised at all to see another card released with lower clockspeeds and a lower price. There are probably a ton of dud GPUs that can't even run at stock speeds.

It reminds me of my old 280x. That card wouldn't overclock worth beans.
The hype surrounding any AMD card before launch is absolutely ridiculous. AMD is definitely having issues with their yields and/or pushing the cards to the bleeding edge just to try and match Nvidia, It is going to hurt them but they are just looking at the profit they can make now - not in the future,

It is no way to run a company, Their leaders have run a great company right into the ground by their greed and their Advocates are there to cheer them on

Yes, the Red Devil is priced $20 low
It's actually a good deal at $179USD when you consider your other options. They are price gouging on all the other cards. I'm still waiting it out though. Supply will improve soon. Plus we will see nVidia's response.
(08-04-2016, 01:37 PM)SickBeast Wrote: It's actually a good deal at $179USD when you consider your other options.  They are price gouging on all the other cards.  I'm still waiting it out though.  Supply will improve soon.  Plus we will see nVidia's response.

I am agreed. RX 470 is barely marginal at 1440P, nevermind at 4K. It would be totally unsuitable for you although it is an upgrade over your 280X (which I included in the testing for you and for users with it)

However, it IS a "good value" considering the other options that compete with it - hence the award by default

I am pretty sure Nvidia is preparing a counter-move. They would not willingly concede the lower midrange cards to AMD.
It's true actually. It's definitely an upgrade over my 280x however I was hoping to at least double my current performance. A GTX 1060 would do that for me.

That being said, I just looked at the numbers again and the RX470 comes surprisingly close to a GTX 970...for $179...particularly in the newer DX12 games. It's hard to complain about performance like that at such a low price. I just find the lack of overclocking disappointing, and frankly I'm worried buying a card like that because there is a pretty good chance that it will show artifacts or other defects. IMO they shouldn't be releasing GPUs that close to the edge in terms of clockspeed. It's reckless IMO and it's just going to cause them a ton of problems down the road.

Thank-you for including the 280x. It was very useful to me. Plus I'm sure there are a lot of people with similar cards that benefit from seeing those benchmarks.

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