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Monoprice Crystal Pro 4K makes 4K gaming affordable
This is the discussion thread for Monoprice Crystal Pro 4K makes 4K gaming affordable. Post away!
I'm a big fan of cheap displays because they tend to offer comparable image quality to the big brands. It's just a real shame that they only gave you a one year warranty and you didn't buy it on your credit card!

I'm not a snob when it comes to displays. A lot of people will only buy a Samsung or an LG. I just find that for half the price I can get something comparable from a smaller brand.

As I mentioned in the other thread, I highly recommend the 55" 4k RCA TV from Micro Center (sold at RCSS here in Canada, and also at Costco under the Haier brand). For you it will not work though because it does not suit your room.

My last TV was a Hisense and it was very good as well.

I'm currently using this TV as a stop gap until 4k HDR becomes affordable, hopefully as soon as next summer.

I will also be using the RX470 as a stop gap until 4k capable GPUs are affordable. That will probably be a much longer wait. If I can get a second card at a fire sale I might even run them in crossfire.

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