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Web hosting
Hey apoppin, I realize that the host for btr is working out nicely, however I came across this just now and I thought it would be a very interesting read for you. It might even make sense to pm the op for some ideas. Anyhow, I hope that is helpful. :)

Why? I am completely satisfied with Blue Host. They have excellent customer service compared to anyone else I know.

Why would I change anything because someone on your forum doesn't recommend them? Or because they say they oversell? Hosting is cheap. I paid for 3 years in advance (really really cheap) and I can always upgrade to a completely dedicated VPN plan and not lose a penny. If for some reason BH becomes flaky, I can burn out the money I spent for 3 years in a few months on their VPN and then switch to another one.

The only hosts that I know of that don't oversell don't have many customers. And they tend to be expensive and/or have poor service. They all advertise 99% uptime but rarely meet it. Unless you have your own dedicated server or can pay for some expensive solutions for zero downtime, there is always maintenance which will account for some downtime.

So much the OP posts in that thread makes no sense at all. There is no "leverage" you have with any host. It is the OP's opinion based only on their experience.
Fair enough, I just thought it was interesting, particularly the overselling part. BlueHost has worked out very nicely for BTR. I just thought it was a good read and a well though out post by the OP.
The bigger sites HAVE to oversell. Some of them are just plain evil (like Host Hater which all but insists you get a dedicated plan before they give you any service - and their dedicated plan sucks anyway) ... and others offer a good level of service like Blue Host.

The smaller sites have their own disadvantages. And if they are really good and get large, then they will have problems also.

I am not "married" to Blue Host. I take it one day (week/month) at a time and look at overall service. Plus we have the advantage of an excellent web master at BTR.

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