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Enter to Win HERE - BTR's July Contest [Updated]
You're probably right.

I am just getting to the GTX 1060 again. I messed up Just Cause 3 settings across the board (which means the comparison was still valid, but they were not set to max. Now it is corrected).

So I will be able to spend some time with the 1060 overclock this afternoon and set the highest stable clocks and play a few test games (like GTA V) which are sensitive to overclocking to make sure it is accurate. But the next evaluation (due Friday or Saturday) covers overclocking of the 1060 vs the 480 vs the 980. And I'll set fan speeds to 100% on the 480 to simulate mild/moderate AIB overclocks.

This is the first time that I am not super-time pressured ... Nvidia gave us plenty of time with the GTX 1060 this time (while I expect they are stocking it with etailers behind the scenes).

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