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Enter to Win HERE - BTR's July Contest [Updated]
(07-09-2016, 01:20 PM)happy medium Wrote: ..are you gonna overclock the cpu and are you using fast memory?
that changes things.

When you say "extreme" score, could you be more specific with settings.?

First of all, let me welcome our two new members!

Yes, I overclock my i7-6700K the same way that I overclock my i7-4790K
Both CPUs run so that all 4 cores turbo to 4.4GHz

I will be using using the same 3200MHz speeds consistently for DDR4 all through my benchmarks

Firestrike has 3 settings - I have been using extreme and Ultra for the past 19 months in my benching
-- "regular" 1080P
-- "extreme" 1440P
-- "Ultra" 4K

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