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New BTR Contest (07/07)
But does it overclock?

Check back in a bit ... I have to post some news in about 15 minutes

The GTX 1060/6GB will be available on July 19 for $249

I will post a contest post on the main site and also on the forum by this afternoon. If you have any suggestions for the specifics of what to guess, please LMK

The contest will be over on the 18th (Review is posted on the 19th at 6AM) and winners announced on the 20th. 1 AAA game of the winner's choice is the grand prize (up to $60). There will be a runner's up prize also which is a package of Tell-tale games.
How about this? Guess closest and you win a AAA game of your choice

1. What maximum stable overclock (core clocks in MHz) will BTR's sample of the GTX 1060 reach?
2. What is its overclocked performance in 3DMark's FireStrike Extreme?
That sounds great! Are you ready for me to publicize the contest on the other forums?
(07-07-2016, 05:33 PM)SickBeast Wrote: That sounds great!  Are you ready for me to publicize the contest on the other forums?

Not quite yet. Wait until you have something to link to please. I was hoping for a little more feedback on the contest rules and on the 2 questions that I am asking.

I will post the contest on the main page this afternoon (my afternoon PT) and then start an official thread on the forum at about the same time.

I really appreciate you doing this. The contest runs from today (7/7 afternoon) to 7/18 ... so we have plenty of time to publicize it (and also to think of your guesses - they need to be finalized before the thread is locked on the 18th at 10 PM PT).
Sounds good! It's a neat idea! :)
Thank-you. Give me a couple of hours. It's 11 AM and I haven't had breakfast yet
Ok no problem. I will check back here later on.
Thanks .. I just had breakfast ...

Still hoping for comments from other members before it is official. Maybe give it another hour or two. I am doing the writing of the main site post now.
I'm home......need to eat and shower. Be back later.
Look for the Official Contest Entry thread and main site post by the time you are done eating and out of the shower


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