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New BTR Contest (07/07)
(07-06-2016, 11:56 PM)happy medium Wrote: """980 HOF is a very nice card! How much do you expect to pay for it? """

~$320.00, brand new. I'll glady overpay for a video card if it has all the bells and whistles to play with overclocking.
Last I checked Newegg had a brand new  Msi gtx980 Armor 2x for 280$AR

If the 1060 can overclock , I wont buy the 980.
I don't know Apoppin , I just like to play with my hardware............god that came out wrong. :)

I'm up to 1563 stable with my gtx960@ 51c. but I think that's all she has.
The one thing I did notice is my 960 G1 gamer responds to memory  overclocking.
I'm seeing gains of 20%+ in games. It turned out to be a real nice stopgap  card for 170$.
I've had it for about 10 months, it did the job well.

I wanted to ask you .......
Is the Nvidia event going to be streamed tomorrow? what time,7pm EST.?

I don't think there is any streaming, just make sure you check back here tomorrow around 7 AM and I'll try to have more information for you. You might want to hold off on buying that HOF for at least a little longer.

Nvidia cards do benefit from memory overclocking, however, the GTX 1080 FTW didn't have very much headroom with its GDDR5X.

I know what you mean about maximizing the performance out of your hardware.

And it looks like Kingston didn't send out my replacement memory yet. Not sure what is wrong.
Lets see if I can ask this under the radar............

I wonder if a gtx980 HOF with a real nice overclocking is worth buying for 320$......................with the coming events?

A simple yes or no will do. :)
Can I give you that answer tomorrow AM .... say in about 13 hours from now?

And it will be a preliminary answer ... but you should have enough information then to make up your own mind about buying the HOF - or not.
preliminary answer ?

hmmm ok, 13 hours? that's 1030am here.
crap, a preliminary announcement/ paper launch. this is new.
Closer to 9 AM, I would say. Eastern time zone, right?

What is new?

At the least, you will probably have more information than now to make your decision.
If it really is as fast as a GTX 980 for only $249 like the multiple leaks are saying, I will definitely be buying one! If it overclocks well that would make it even better!

I'm having some glitches with my current setup with 4k so I think I would be better off with a proper card that supports HDMI 2.0. nVidia can have my money if this card lives up to expectations! I will pre-order one if I can for MSRP (wishful thinking, I know).
I have never seen such a leaky launch from Nvidia before, have you?

Maybe once before. Contrast these leaks with what he didn't see with the GTX 1080 or the GTX 1070.

Makes me wonder why. I guess Polaris might be seen as a threat to their midrange.

It looks like it will be interesting to see what the AIB RX 480s can do with a proper power delivery and real cooling instead of the reference nonsense we got from AMD.
We will find out if the leaks are true soon enough. And yes, this is a "leaky" launch for nVidia. I doubt they are worried about AMD though.
I wish that I knew for sure
249 and 300$ for the FE model........no performance figures yet,just as fast as gtx,980

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