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New BTR Contest (07/07)
It will start July 7th in the afternoon. However, I'm still looking for ideas

I am thinking that it should be GTX 1060-related.  Perhaps it should be related to performance/price when it is finally released.

And I think I have the grand prize issues solved.  CHOICE of current AAA game to the winner.
(under $60 please - no "unlimited editions" for $129 :P )
Sounds great! Please keep us posted! :)
Well, evidently we would have to begin the contest quickly .. If the card is released and benchmarks are run before the contest is over, it would invalidate it.

That is why I am looking for more ideas
. . . Just in case.

And if no one else is interested in this contest .... what is the point?

And how could we publicize it? Are there forums or sites that link to contests? It is to everyone's advantage to have a larger community here.
Could you maybe post it on Reddit? I can post it on my hot deals forum.
I cannot spam my own site on Reddit. However we seem to have a couple of fans who do post a lot of our articles there
- all I can do is hope they do it for BTR's contest also. And I am not sure even if they have a contest announcement sub-reddit

Thank-you. It would definitely help. Is there still a contest announcement thread in ATF's Hot Deals. And any other place our members can think of would really help us grow. For so few members, BTR has excellent discussions already and the level of collective tech knowledge is very very high.
Sure thing, I will do what I can. I will post a link to it on my hot deal forum and at ATF. Good luck! Let me know if there is anywhere else I can post a link.
Thank-you ... and good luck to everyone who gives us a contest idea, posts a link to it on social media, and who enters it.

I'd like to start the contest on Wednesday. Let's make a little preparation for it please.
Sounds good. If I can manage to log in to the [H]ard Forum I will post it there as well.
(07-04-2016, 08:27 PM)SickBeast Wrote: Sounds good.  If I can manage to log in to the [H]ard Forum I will post it there as well.

Thank-you. And I will wish you a Happy 4th of July


(and to everyone else! ... including a happy 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, etc.)



I guess it's time for my nap
Thanks! I had a really great day today. I'm super excited that the summer has arrived. :)

Happy 4th of July to you as well!

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