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The BTR GTX 1070 full review
I only had two days with it


Read it on the main site. Too much to post here except the discussion
Awesome! The links to page 3 are broken though and I have no way to see the charts.

Actually the link to the conclusion is broken as well. :(
It has been fixed

But you could have clicked on my link any time (above and below) which never had issues


I am glad the server is holding together. We are first on Reddit and it is getting discussion (and crap from the shills)
- 1400 views in the first hour!

Awesome awesome awesome! The GTX 1070 looks incredible! I definitely want one. We will see what AMD unveils shortly but it really looks like I will be getting a GTX 1070. A pair of them in SLI should definitely handle 4k gaming once I upgrade my TV down the line.

Thanks apoppin, great review as always! ;)
Thank-you for your kind words.

Polaris is looking to be slightly faster than a 390X. Nothing more; it won't dethrone Fury X as AMD's flagship
AMD looks like they are in real trouble. They have now black-listed HardOCP, which is a really bad sign. Lisa Su is clearly not the person they need to turn the company around.
Sadly, I am agreed. I think they are in deeper trouble than ever. They need to fire their marketing big shots and hire engineers. Or downsize into a console APU producing company

I was hoping for some real competition for Nvidia

Jon Peddie does a deep dive into things that I didn't have time to cover. The really technical stuff for those who are interested. HIGHLY recommended reading for the new Pascal features and he explains it very well (his specialty - he has taken over where Anandtech now completely fails at)

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