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What's happening at BTR 5 .. and report issues here
Hmm. :)

20 minutes late and I got 2 hours sleep yesterday.

I'll take a nap and kill the typos when I get up
I am recovered fully and back to work benching again. The next review will a driver performance analysis of Crimson SW Hotfix with 25 games and it will feature Fury X, 290X and 280X and the corresponding GeForce Cards. Should be posted on Saturday.

Over the weekend I will work on overclocking the GTX 1080. I am hoping for a more stable version of Precision XOC soon, but if not, I will do the best that I can. I know I can get 2.0GHz and am hoping for more. I also want to see how far the memory can be pushed. That one should be posted on Monday,

Then the Geforce driver analysis (365.19) by the end of next week. We will have our contest beginning at the end of next week. Sorry for the delay but I have been otherwise occupied. I am trying to completely update my test bed before the 1070 is released (in case I get one)
That all sounds great. :)
I will finish up with 280X results today/tonight and post my driver performance analysis by tomorrow.

I also expect to test GTX 1080 overclocking much more in depth with the new (slightly updated) Precision XOC, and should have a new article up on Monday/Tuesday. I will also update my GeForce cards (980/970/980 Ti) to the latest drivers for another upcoming article.

Busy busy busy

Lovin' it!
OK. I am done with 280X testing. I dropped 4K resolutions for it because it is a waste of time. 280X can barely handle 2560x1440. I'll have the results up tomorrow in a Crimson Catalyst Performance analysis evaluation review (Fury X/290X/280X).

The latest FutureMark Firestrike Ultra 4K test is total BS. If you change your desktop resolution - or even alter your application setting size under Win 10's Display settings - it changes the score substantially. I may dump my last synthetic test as unreliable. Good riddance to FutureMark!

I am going to overclock 1080 tonight/tomorrow. If it is successful, I'll have a new article up Monday.
Two articles in one calendar day. I think that is a personal record for me.



I just bought Total War: Warhammer on a preload. It will be available tomorrow night for play and will become BTR's next benchmark. I think I will drop Total War Attila to keep my benching at 25 games.
The overclocking article is taking off traffic-wise. It is soundly beating the GTX 1080 launch article. Views are coming from Twitter, from unknown sources, and from 3D Center.org. And someone just posted it on reddit!! Even getting some comments on it (and on other older articles today).

What is also happening because I linked to my 1080 evaluation in the first paragraph of my OC'ing article, that launch evaluation article also is being revived and looked at.


Of course, I need to keep on working. I am deep into benching the GTX 970 on the brand new drivers and will update the rest of the GeForce cards (GTX 980/980 Ti) for a new driver performance analysis this week!
Warhammer has no built in bench. Although the visuals are excellent (and I love the magical setting compared with histerical) it is not DX12 yet. So I will wait for a patch. I think that I would be irresponsible to use AMD's benching tool and probably buggy DX12 code to bench it prematurely as some sites are doing.

For some good news, I am more than half done with updating GTX 970 results to the latest WHQL driver out yesterday ... and ... and ... my OC article looks to be on for a record or near record traffic day today. It has got a lot of discussion and I even had to explain my methods on reddit

Back to work!
GTX 1070!? That was a typo, right? :)

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