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What's happening at BTR 5 .. and report issues here
Well gaming is a great suggestion and I thought I would game way more than I have while they have been away. I played some Crysis 3 and had a good time. We will see. I am keeping pretty busy. I have to do my spring maintenance on my lawn mower and cut the grass. Plus there is the dishwasher to deal with and I have to go in to work tomorrow as well. We have a long weekend next week which will be nice. I have been feeling a little burnt out this week. I have been very busy at work.
I know exactly what you mean by feeling burned out. You and I both need a break and rest. Unfortunately, I won't be able to rest for quite awhile... and my inside and outside chores are piling up.

Why the long weekend next week?
Victoria Day. It's a stat holiday here in Canada.
Never heard of it until now.

The USA has way more stat holidays than us AFAIK. We have to take what we can get. :)

We usually have one per month but not always.
(05-14-2016, 05:41 PM)SickBeast Wrote: The USA has way more stat holidays than us AFAIK.  We have to take what we can get. :)

We usually have one per month but not always.

Are you sure?

You could be right

Yup. I get tons of time off with my job though so I'm not complaining at all. The summer will be here before we know it. I'm really looking forward to it. We don't have a lot of plans this year though. I will get to spend a lot of time with my kids which will be nice. Our friends that we usually travel with got really sick while overseas and they wound up in the hospital for awhile and they wound up losing all their vacation time for this year because of it. We usually do a lot of camping with them in the summer but I don't know if we'll be able to do that this year.
I had a very horrible experience with a large ship (it almost sank in a massive storm in 1973 between Dublin and Liverpool) and I don't care to ever take a cruise.

I also don't care much for our Summer here as it is very hot, especially July and August. But it keeps me indoors working.

Spending time with your kids is awesome. You only get to do it once as they grow up very fast!
My favorite vacation of all time was my first trip to Cuba. Veradero is absolutely beautiful. You should try to go if you can now if the embargo has been lifted. The beaches are second to none.
I was never interested in Cuba. No surf. If I want to travel out of state, Hawaii is tops on my list.

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