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What's happening at BTR 5 .. and report issues here
Interesting. There is evident;y now TSA Pre-screening. You leave your shoes on and belt and just walk through. Just place your bags on the conveyor belt and walk through and pick them up! Love it. It means I can work on my article in the airport (I am an hour early because of this pre-screen process). I should have my driver evaluation up tonight!
Forum has been updated to latest version. Have a safe trip Mark!
I made it to Texas. Just checked in and unpacking now. I yet to eat.

I should have the driver performance analysis done tonight .... if I can stay awake. I only got 4 hours sleep last night and whatever ZZZs I caught on the plane.
I hope you have a great vacation! :)
Well, it is a working vacation. I am very surprised that you didn't figure it out
Quote:Tune in to an NVIDIA Special Event livestream Friday, May 6th at 6pm PST, exclusively on Twitch!

Latest performance analysis Fury X vs GTX 980 Ti (and 290X vs GTX 980) using Nvidia's latest drivers and AMD's second latest drivers (they released another f'ing hotfix on Tuesday ... I'll skip that one :P )

GeForce 365.10 Performance Analysis featuring GTX 980 Ti vs. Fury X

Awesome! Nice gains with the new drivers.
I am having some issues with the Windows Update. It says my PC is completely up to date and I even have the "insider" dev stuff installed. My version of Windows 10 home 64-bit is Build 102.40 but the latest build is 10586

How the heck to I upgrade to it without doing a clean install of Windows?

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