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Andy's latest - Producing Dreams – NAB
Andy at the NAB at his best. Absolutely worth reading!!

It's too bad that h.265 encoding did not take off. It offers similar quality to h.264 at half the bitrate. It would really help for streaming 4k content. Apparently the licencing fees are too expensive which is why no one is using it. They are apparently working on a new codec with cheaper licencing fees that hopefully will become widely adopted. It's kind of too late though; we really could use a better codec right now so that it can become the standard for 4k broadcasts and transmissions.

HDR does look interesting and people say it makes a bigger difference than the higher resolution of 4k. It's apparently more noticeable which is good.

I just hope that the prices of HDR 4k TVs aren't significantly higher than the non-4k models. The prices of 4k TVs have been really coming down. It would be nice to see the HDR sets drop in price as well.

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