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Contest to Win SW Battlefront
I got a rather delayed key from the Fury X AMD/Newegg promo after I purchased the Star Wars Battlefront game for myself.

We are planning to have a mini-contest this week with Battlefront given away at the weekend. It's a nice game and it is going for at least $30 now. It also looks and plays well on a GTX 960/GTX 970/280X/380X class of card using Battlefield's engine.

The details will be emailed to all BTR's members this week and it will kick off the contest. Stay tuned.

We are setting up a mass emailing of our important news and articles to all of BTR's Community members which you will be easily able to opt out of if you wish.
However, I wouldn't since we are planning some future events and contests, and this is just the beginning

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