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What's happening at BTR 4 .. and report issues here
Here is our rink:

[Image: IMG_20160105_163257.jpg]

You want advice from my wife for your life? Be nice. Stay off the ice. It's good advice. I told you twice. You'll pay the price.
Wow! You aren't kidding about buildong a big backyard ice rink!

We're lucky to have such a nice big and flat back yard. I had to get creative this year. There was a high point. I had to re-engineer the boards and then reinforce them tonight with my wife's help. It's still not frozen solid so we couldn't skate today. Hopefully soon though, probably tomorrow. It is supposed to rain over the weekend which is actually good. It should thaw the top layer of ice and it will freeze again perfectly smooth.
Well, the weather is getting warmer here and we are topping out in the low-60s with lows in the mid-40s. Not bad for "Winter" ... so far

And I am back to benching now with 280X (1100MHz/1500MHz) with 25 games and 1 synthetic, and although the benchmark suite is smaller, I am including minimums for every resolution that is useful (i.e. when the averages are above 30 fps), so it takes nearly the same amount of time. Crimson 16.1 hotfix (WQHL) has been out for awhile so it will be a useful combined driver performance analysis when the new GeForce drivers are (probably) released for the new Tomb Raider which will be my 26th benchmark (and then I will drop Thief which needs SSAA just be to a useful benchmark to keep it at 25; Sniper Elite 3 is also on the chopping block as it uses SSAA to be relevant also).
Andy's blog published but the plugin which cross-posts to the forum needs to manually updated by Mario when he has the time. In the meantime, here is the article and the link

Keep Your Eyes to the Skies

[Image: Untitled-2-2.jpg?]
Someone decided to use my last name to sell office furniture

It must be good furniture.

Maybe you could bench-mark it...
I have the benching done for the evaluation:

. . . . "The HD 7970 versus the GTX 680 - 3 years later"

Interesting results.  Which GPU has held up better do you think?  I should be able to write and publish the evaluation today ... the minimums are also very interesting and I am glad that I am adding them to my results
(I think ... we'll see how it looks)

Afterward, I'll benchmark Tomb Raider and work on the latest GeForce driver performance analysis ... and finish up Mad Max (finally)
. . . I guess I am back to work.

My prediction? The GTX 680 will have better minimums but the 7970 will win overall and will do better in games that require more VRAM. We will see though.

When do you think you will have it finished? I'm really curious. :)

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