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What's happening at BTR 3 .. and report issues here
Fish oil?

You have a year's supply of cadmium, PCBs, and lead to keep you in some kind of health, no doubt.

Fish oil is usually contaminated because it doesn't come from fish that anyone would voluntarily eat. Unless it goes through a really strict purification process (which strips it of most of its value), you are not getting anything healthy.


Your best bet is to toss it out - unless you are absolutely sure!!!

Quote:August 22, 2012 — The quality of fish oil / omega-3 supplements varies across brands, according to recent tests by ConsumerLab.com, which independently reports on the quality of health products. Analyses of 35 products selected and purchased by ConsumerLab.com showed problems with the quality or labeling of 11, or 31.4%, of the products. ConsumerLab.com uncovered the following problems:
Trace levels of PCBs were found in every product (as PCBs are ubiquitous in water), but two supplements exceeded contaminations limits for PCBs. Mercury was not detected in any of the products. (While it is best to avoid supplements with excess contaminants, raw or cooked fish may contain far more PCBs, as well as mercury, than fish oil supplements.)
Four supplements (including one of the contaminated products) contained 20% to 30% less than the claimed amounts of EPA, DHA or other omega-3 fatty acids.
An enteric-coated softgel (intended to reduce "fish burp") released its fish oil too early.
One softgel product contained spoiled fish oil.
Three products contained two to three times the claimed amounts of EPA or other fatty acids, and one supplement incorrectly claimed to contain 1 mg of fat but contained 1,000 mg (1 gram) of fat.
The tested supplements include those with fish oil, krill oil, algal oil (from algae) and/or, calamari (squid) oil. Results are published in a new report on ConsumerLab.com which provides results for the 35 selected products as well as 28 products which passed the same testing through ConsumerLab.com's voluntary certification program. The review covers products for general use and those marketed specifically for pregnant women and children. It also includes pet supplements for use by dogs and cats.

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