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What's happening at BTR 3 .. and report issues here
I got really good service from Headphones.com. Not only is it the only etailer offering a discount on the new Grado lineup, they offer free shipping which is fast. I ordered yesterday and they shipped it out today and tracking indicates that it will be here before Christmas.

It's my present to myself. I have wanted another pair of Grados since mine started acting up, and ultimately failed earlier this year (just after testing the HyperX Cloud). IMO, Grado makes the best bang for buck "audiophile" (yes, legitimately audiophile) **music** reproducing headphones available (and the SR60 is - or was outstanding - as entry level cans)

I am still working on my Performance Analysis featuring JC3, RS: Siege, and DiRT Rally. ... expect it at the weekend as I will try to expand the section on the 3 newest game benchmarks.

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