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What's happening at BTR 3 .. and report issues here
That's great. Now I need to think of something to bring traffic up besides my performance evaluations ...


I may just buy a Grado headset to review as I need a new pair of cans anyway. SR-60e is the bang for buck in their line up - and it is the third iteration of a classic. It is also brand new. So I might be able to give it a stand alone review and get an in to review other Grado products. But then I'd have to set up my old system (Yamaha receiver) to really test the audio. It is not necessarily perfect for gaming, however, as it gives one a music sound stage as its priority.


I think I will get a Grado - it has been my choice for bang-for-buck audiophile purity for music listening and it sets a standard at $80 most imports cannot dream of for 3x the price. It does lack in the low bass and in the extreme highs as a compromise. But it is perfect for jazz and for any kind of music requiring accuracy over 95% of the useful audio spectrum.

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